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Monday, June 9, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have you ever passed up on an opportunity or blessing or happiness because it was not packaged as you imagined? Overlooking a chance just because it wasn't as you thought it should be.

Have you ever built something up in your mind....maybe a gift you thought you were going to receive from someone or a party you were going to...only to feel disappointed when you received a different gift or the party wasn't as you planned it in your mind?

Have you ever passed up on an opportunity because you thought something better might come along? That old saying...the grass in greener on the other side of the fence comes to mind, but the grass may not be greener. You may think the other side of the fence will bring happiness until you look back...

I believe at one time or another we have all done it. I wonder why? Why don't we accept or are our expectations too high?

I have found the greatest surprises or happiness when I least expect it. I try not to expect...try to be happy with the 'now' and don't take things for granted.

I knew someone that when her husband sent her flowers for no reason, she was annoyed they weren't a larger bouquet. I was floored...how could she not be happy that her husband was thinking of her and sent her these beautiful flowers to say I love you...she wasn't happy because her blessing didn't arrive in the package she wanted. I think her blessing was having a man who loved her and wanted to show it in this lovely way.

We should never miss out on a blessing, happiness or opportunity because it is not packaged the way we expected or imagined...


Ajay said...

I would reply it with my own experience.I've one very close friend name (Vineet) working in big multinational company.When we were starting our professional carrier,I use to ride on bike and he on scooter as he got his first job he bought new santroXing and become very happy but after just few months whenever we sit together he use to look cars which is longer and bigger and costlier and at last one day he said yaar my car is DABBA(like small cage).I want big car since that day he lost interest in his new car..Point is seeing dream bigger or desiring for more is not wrong fundamentally because its natural but losing interest in what you have whether its any material thing or relationship is pure lack of human civilization still we've to grow and try to live in moment and being happy what we get rather asking for moreeeeeee moreeeeee..

AC Associates said...

Hi Ajay,
Nice to see you here adding your thoughts...
I agree...It seems people just want more and more and are never satisfied or happy with what they have.
The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence and unfortunately people find that out too late.
We should neve give up our dreams or think 'bigger', but when you forget about what you have in the process that's when it becomes a problem and you may find unhappiness instead.
Thanks again for sharing your views and story.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Sage advice.

Makes me think:

Don't judge a book by its cover.
At least look at the table of contents . . .

Adding this blog to my RSS Reader, too.

~ Alex

Rebecca said...

I have a girlfriend that has such HIGH expections in her "perfect mate", that she passes up on wonderful men all the time. For instance, if he is a teacher, or has any type of service job, she doesn't even give them a glance. Why? Because they don't make enough $$. what?!? I know of two guys in particular, that LOVE their jobs. While they don't make a lot of money, they are happy every day. I've seen them both in relationships, too...and because they are happy all the time, their significant others are also very happy.

I know we should never "settle for second best"...but I'm with you... don't have the expectation level set so high, that you find yourself disappointed all the time. What fun is that??

AC Associates said...

Hello Alexander,
Thanks for stopping by...
You are so right. Don't judge a book by it's cover. So many people are guilty of that. If we stay open minded or get to know the person, we may be pleasantly surprised. If you don't, you may have missed out on knowing a truly wonderful person.

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for visiting and sharing.
I feel for your friend. She is blocking her own happiness it seems. Maybe there is more to it? Is she afraid of getting hurt or does she have commitment issues?
I agree we should never settle...that will not bring about total happiness. I'm learning to go with the flow and not expect.

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