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Monday, June 30, 2008

Decorative Tiles For Your Home

Have you ever considered using decorative tiles in your home? There are many creative uses for them. I have seen beautiful Kitchen backsplash tile, fireplaces outlined with tile, walkways highlighted with tile, kickbacks of stairs decorated with tile, tiles hung on walls and even tile murals in entrance ways.

Decorative tile provides added value to your home and uniqueness. I have found a place that is quite impressive to purchase unique tiles for a variety of uses. Jerusalem Pottery offers hand painted tiles that are glazed and fired to last a lifetime. They have been in the decorative tile business for 85 years and are one of the last remaining places in the world where you can find Armenian ceramic tile.

Aremenian tile is a style of hand painted pottery and ceramic tile making founded in Jerusalem in the early twentieth century. Although you can find Aremenian tile in other places, they are usually imitations, lack the quality and are mass produced. One way to tell the difference between an original and an imitation, are the brush strokes on the back of the piece. An original will also have the signature of the Karakashian family on the back.

At Jerusalem Pottery you will find an assortment of beautiful decorative tiles, unique designs, themes for murals and the classic Arememian designs. Their tiles are richly colored and will stand out in any room.

If you are thinking of adding tiles to your home, check out their site before purchasing elsewhere.



Rebecca said...

Great post!

One of my favorite magazines, with modern, up-to-date, latest fashions for the home, is DOMINO - also found on, www.dominomag.com

This magazine is the spin-off of LUCKY magazine...an entire array of up-to-the-minute fashion trends for your home, and where to buy all of them. It even comes with the page of stickies in the front of the magazine, to mark your favorite pages, like Lucky does.

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