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Friday, September 7, 2007

Do You Get Dissappointed Often?

While visiting the site Attitude, The Ultimate Power…, I was reading a post about reactions to being dissappointed by others.

I think people can disappoint us almost everyday if we allow them too. And, I also believe most of us don’t handle every situation the best that we could. But then looking back over each disappointment, we could see a better way of handling it or what we could have said or done. Hindsight…hmmm… A learning experience.

However, I think if we realize that everyone’s perception is different and communicate to eachother; it might make the disappointed one at least feel better. We always seem to take things personal, as an attack against us. What one person may find disappointing, another may not.

Disappointments can occur when your co-worker slouches off and gives you more of a workload, the person who steals your parking space, the stranger who doesn't reciprocate your smile, a friend who hasn’t called you back, when a mate doesn't give you their full attention or as in Attitude, The Ultimate Power's post…being taken advantage of.

Within our circle of friends, family, aassociates and acquaintances, we may assume we are all alike and/or just like you (me) (us). You may have great qualities and character…. Doing what’s right, being kind, considerate, accepting etc…but your friend or associate may not hold those same qualities in every situation of life, therefore, when they say or do something that doesn’t live up to our expectations, disappointment occurs. Maybe its best we don't have any serious expectations as to how others should be or what we expect. See them as they are, but voice our feelings when someone does disappoint or take advantage of us. If it happens once,should we must speak up, so it doesn’t happen again and again. Regardless, I am not going to change. I treat people as I would like to be treated.

I recently asked a co-worker to bring me back an item from his trip down south. If purchased here, it would cost much more. He told me the cost was $29 when he gave me the item. The next day he came to collect his money, but then changed the cost to $35 Hmmm…I was very disappointed that he was doing this to me. I know I wouldn’t do that to him, but what were my options? Not take the item, yell and get angry or simply give him the extra $6? I chose to give him the extra money and thought if he needed to take advantage of the situation, fine…it brought out his character. Did he think he was a good businessman? I didn't think so. Rather than get angry and keep negative energy, I voiced my opinion and now I know I will not ask him again.

What are your thoughts when someone disappoints you?


DubLiMan said...

Thank you for the mention. It seems to me that you have a very healthy attitude in regards to disappointment. I like the way you handled it. And, you are so right in regards to differing perceptions. Nice post.

Cooper said...

I don't get disappointed often. My largest disappointment come from finding out that someone who I knew show themselves to have a very poor character.

The daily things tend to slide off me.

AC Associates said...

Monday Morning Power,
I happen to enjoy your bog and your post was not only good, but made me think.
Thank you

AC Associates said...

Hi Cooper,
It is dissappointing to learn someone's character is not what we expected. It has happened to me too. I agree, I let ALOT roll off my shoulders too...it's healthier for us.

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

"Rather than get angry and keep negative energy" ... that's the healthiest way in dealing with situations like that.
I certainly would not step down to his energy level. There's nothing to gain if we confront a negative energy with a negative energy. We only lose because it becomes part of us.

AC Associates said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you.

You are SO right. Negative energy just brings more negative...I'd rather stay postive at all times.

You seemed to know how to handle situations like this.

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