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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Health Tips for Men

Ladies: Do you have a man in your life that doesn't like to go to the doctors...not even for a check-up or physical?

My son who suffers from Crohn's Disease refuses to go for check ups. At his age, I can't physically drag him there, but I try and encourage him for his own physical well being to go. So far, I haven't been successful and it just drives me crazy. He needs to get tests done (should be on a regular basis) to make sure there isn't damage to his colon or intestines.

Stats say that men are less likely to visit a doctor than women. Men suffer from heart disease and strokes in greater numbers. Prostate cancer checks should be taken seriously.

Like women, men need to know their risk factors for disease, take necessary steps to prevent aliments and seek treatment when required. Men also need to exercise, maintain a healthy weight, make sure vaccinations are up to date and have regular health screenings.

A man should ask their doctor about the tests needed and what age you should have them. You need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day to reap health benefits. Everyone needs to eat lean meats, grains, fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in their diet. Have your cholesterol checked very five years beginning as early as age 20.

So men... pay attention to your bodies as well !

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