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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quotes From The Guides

Mary Jo McCabe is a sought after intuitive interpreter. Through her books, she offers insight, self-direction and purpose through her communication with spiritual teachers she refers to as "The Guides". She is the author of many books of which I own three: Cracking the Coconut Code, Learn to See, It All Begins Here: Interpreting Your Dreams

I received an email from Mary Jo's assistant Jeanne, which consisted of Quotes from the Guides. With permission, I am sharing them with you.


· Life is lived to reveal stories about you.

· Live life gently. If you hurry through your life, you will only create clutter.

· When you embrace who you are, you take the first step in creating a better future!

· Through the experience of life, you learn to listen, absorb, and dream. If you are unable to accomplish this, you limit your life. You won’t bloom into the flower you planned to be.

· Life is turbulent until the calmness of the soul is found.

· When you are distracted by others’ realities, you lose yourself.

· You live many lives to create a strong character. You live many more lives to define your character.

· The experiences and lessons of your past lives fertilize the crop you sow in this life.

· Until there is peace in your heart, there will never be peace in your life!

· As a spiritual being, you have much to offer. By digging slowly into you, you find that offering!

. When you judge another, you lose sight of your Truth.
Find your anger and you find your fear. Find your fear and you find your disease.

· Life offers many lessons, but it is not the lessons that encourage growth. It is the way in which you apply the lessons learned that help you to grow!

· Unconditional love heals, but demanding love destroys.

· It is not the length of the prayer that is important. It is the song of the prayer that makes the difference.

· There are no paths in life that are blocked from the lack of prayer, but there are many paths that will be opened if only you will pray.

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