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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creating Your Heart's Desire

I recently posted on AC Associates Blog a series regarding Your Heart's Desire. There are 9 principals of spiritual law that when learned, they are the keys to lead you to successfully realizing your dreams.

I reviewed each Principal that will help you create your heart's desire. Once you complete Principal 1, move on to the next and so on.

As the author of Your Heart's Desire, Sonia Choquette states...

"The Universal Laws of creative manifestation are impartial and success is available to anyone who learns how the process works. By coordinating our conscious desires with our subconscious beliefs and accessing our intuition, we tap into the natural power we all possess to create the life we wish for"

Go to each Principal below and learn how you too can create your heart's desire.
Principal 1
Principal 2
Principal 3
Principal 4
Principal 5
Principal 6
Principal 7
Principal 8
Principal 9


Anonymous said...

Sonia Choquette is my idol...

AC Associates said...

Hi M,
Thanks for visiting. This is one of my favorite books. She is very inspiring.

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