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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back When I Was Engaged...

I remember the difficult time finding the right wedding invitations, thank you cards and the perfect favors. I had to get in the car and travel from store to store to compare prices and find my favorite invite. This was so time consuming and I couldn't make the decision without my then finance. Getting him to go with me to one store was hard enough, but several was a struggle. He just didn't understand why I needed to go to every store to seek out the perfect invitation or favor.

My how things have changed ! Enter advanced technology and the internet. My younger cousin is planning her wedding. She's got everything under control and showed me how easily she accompished this. She visited one site on the internet. One! Wedding Needs boasts about having all your weddings needs in one place. They aren't kidding.

My cousin not only picked out her wedding invitations, but her thank you cards were free. She also picked out her favors and the bridal party gifts.

What amazed me was she didn't have to travel back to a store to review and approve her wedding invitations. She was able to do that online. She'll receive her order in about 48 hours. I remember waiting about two weeks.

I think her finance is lucky. He didn't get dragged around from store to store for the various items needed to plan his wedding.

What are some of your memories when you planned your wedding? Did your finance mind the time it took to make all the decisions, select the invites, the gifts etc...?


lilifxt said...

hi Andrea im the first to comment here u reminded me when i was looking for the invitation cards for my wedding i was faster than u i didnt need to travel the first store i got in is the one i bought from....:) by the way i did post about the award and the tag u may go and check thx again of remembering me ....u are a good friend


Anonymous said...

I was living in Korea at the time and my mom picked everything out for my first marriage, and I got married in the courthouse the second. I think I missed out on all this - but knowing me, I am not sure if I really missed it...

AC Associates said...

You got lucky with finding what you liked at the first store! I remember shopping around much too much.

Thanks for visiting.

AC Associates said...

Hi Beth,
There's alot to prepare for when it comes to weddings.If everything goes smoothly I guess you like doing all the preparations, but if there's glitches, you may be right in saying you might not have missed it!

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