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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Something to Ponder

Just a Thought...

What is the energy in a thinking process or way of life that is not working for you?

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got. If you don't like the results you're getting from doing the things the way you've always done them, shouldn't we just Stop doing them? hmmm...easier said then done?

Are we afraid of change? If we realize the pattern of our thinking and how our behavior and the behavior of others stems from that, can we alter our thinking and behavior?

Are we afraid of trying a new approach? Could it be we're just stuck in old patterns and don't want to rock the boat by trying something new?

Are we afraid to fail? You just don't know unless you try..unless you put yourself out there. Out of failure can come great success. Learning through mistakes.

What do you think? Have you ever wanted to change the way you're doing something, but didn't?

If you did make a change, were you successful?


NafaSg said...

Hi Ac Associates,

How are you? I hope you are doing fine..

There is another request from a blogger who is looking for her long lost sister.

I think you knew her based on your display SPOTLIGHT ON: Wonderful People
Jackie a.k.a. Shinade from The Painted Veil. She had made the request from us.

I have linked your blog in the article as our certified partner and hope that you can join us for the search.

Thank you so much. Hope your kindness will be repaid
some day..

Have a great week ahead..
Take care.


~Kindness goes a long way~

lilifxt said...

hi andrea i loved that post coz thw question in there i alwats keep asking myself there many things i dont like in my life but i cant change yes i fear to loose or regret and wish those things back and i think alot so much may be i think more than i sleep but finally its like goin on forwards and focus more about tomorrow and what i want to be or learn the next day im alive

thx for that lovely thoughtful post

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Today we have so many tools to help us change, but we still struggle with achieving long-lasting, effective improvements in our lives.
Is it because we are unable to focus on one major change and make it happen or is it because with all the choice we have these days, we've lost the ability to live simply and therefore without excess?
It's late, I'm in a philosophical mood...but I truly believe that lots of people think that change is easy. I think planned, positive change is one of the hardest - and most admirable - things we can do!

AC Associates said...

Hi Lili,
If you are not happy with some things in your life, why not pick one thing and change a little at the time.
I think most people are afraid of change...it's new, different, but postive things can happen. The unfamiliar will become familiar.
Thanks for visiting my friend

AC Associates said...

Hi Simone,
Yes I agree...we have many options but I think we need to realize that we need to pick the right one for us. Change isn't always easy, but with small steps I think we can accomplish what we set our minds too.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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