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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

SELF ESTEEM: Don't Let Anyone Take It Away ~ PART II

It's easy to lose your self-esteem, just remember
" misery loves company ". There are so many people living a fake life. Out in the open these people appear to be happy and content, but behind closed doors they're monsters and vampires waiting to eat and suck the life right out of you ! They come in the form of friends, spouses, family members and significant others.

The irony about self-esteem is that it can only be affected negatively or positively by people who are close to us or that we care for dearly. We rarely consider any personal comment from a stranger or acquaintance much less take to heart. But, when someone we love, respect, or admire says something personal we take it to heart and allow it to affect us !!

These people have been conditioned to see things in a negative manner and basically their self-esteem has been effected at some point in their lives and now ,they want to share in the negative perspective. When you don’t, the arguments start and the PROCESS begins ! Arguments start over the choices you make, the colors you pick, the way you drive, comb your hair, look , feel , sleep, ETC....

NOW, we begin to justify ourselves by defending our positions and choices. This sets up the barriers and then, the lines are drawn - the battle for self-esteem is on !

An interesting point to note : the titles that people have , mom , dad , brother, sister , wife, husband, boy/girl friend , good friend, can put in question and affect what we consider and affect our self--esteem. When our spouses , family members and significant others personally attack us we listen, and consider it BECAUSE the MIND tells us to . We begin to question ourselves by the mere consideration of thinking that what they said might some merit - otherwise why would they have said it? It must be true since she/he loves me ; they wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. YES they would !

Their motives can't be explained, but this is how they take your self-esteem , your core self ; when they make the negative remark and you consider it and then you act on it - they engaged you in a losing battle ! This is IMPORTANT ! Re - read it and understand it and then commit to memory.

You have options. You don't have to listen to it ; you don't have to consider it ; and you DON'T have to act on it. Remove the titles and then see them only as a voice in the wind without the title and what they say will mean nothing !! And It won't affect you.

Look for PART III on Friday

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DubLiMan said...

I am pleased to announce that I have added your site to my blogroll.

We are kindred spirits.

Choose to be happy,

AC Associates said...

Monday Morning Power,
Thank you my kindred spirit...I look forward to visiting you often.

Choose to be happy AND positive!

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