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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Having a Bad Day? Your Friends Will Pull You Thru

Have you ever had one of the days...the kind you just seem out of sorts. You wake up with worry on your mind, you ran late for work and along the way, get stuck in traffic. You finally arrive at work to find the phone already ringing, you spill your tea (or coffee) Then to top it off, your hormones take over and you feel bloated to the hilt...geez... it seems the whole day will be off kilter.

I so had one of those days on Monday. The mood was gloomy and I was quiet. Since I wasn't my usual chatty, smiley self, everyone in the office noticed and asked "what's wrong?" I have to admit, it felt good to have many people asking if everything was okay, but...the more I tried pushing the nagging negative thoughts away and switch gears, someone would ask and I'd take a step backwards.

BUT, it all changed when I arrived home to find a message from Marzie.

I simple message only saying she had something for me. Considering the day I had, I didn't know what to expect.
Well, let me tell you... when I saw how she thought of me, it brought my hormonal self into a misty eyed, smiley person once again. That's it...not the people at work asking what's wrong... a simple award for being nice.

An Internet friend, someone I haven't physically met. I just mentioned the power of Internet friends in my prior post.

Just when you lest expect something good, it shows up. Marzie, this couldn't have come at a better time and I thank you so much.
I wasn't able to show my appreciation on this blog on Monday because a more pressing post needed to be published. I figured I'd wait until Tuesday night to express my gratitude to Marzie and give out my own awards.

Come Tuesday, I received another surprise. My dear Zubli presented the same award to me. Lo and behold, an Internet friend who has been with me since day one. Someone I ran to first when I received sad news. I knew his empowering attitude would help me through the night. His words and support did help.

All that comes to mind at this very moment is: My Cup Runnth Over !

According to the originator of the Nice Matters award it is intended for

“those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”

I'd like to pass on awards to the following people:

A worn out women's journey

angie's organic reviews

Looking Beyond the Cracked Window

make money with Kassper

Jeanine's Bits and Pieces

Personal Development

Life to Success

Journey with Water Learner

Virtual Entrepreneur

Cell tech Hub

Thank you all for touching me with your friendship, your kindness, support, help, visits and for being the people you are. You make this world a better place.


WaterLearner said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so honoured!! Thanks! I am the delighted one to have found this very good Circle of Women blog!



AC Associates said...

Hello there,
No thanks necessary. You have touched me with your 'niceness' and wanted to thank YOU.
If it weren't for the Internet and mybloglog, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet you. A wonderful thing...

Many Blessings to you my friend.

Mariuca said...

Hola Andrea! I'm so happy that I helped put a smile on your face when you needed something to cheer you up on a bad day! Thanks for being such a nice friend to me, I'll always remember your very first message to me, one that brought tears to my eyes! Keep in touch k?!


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Jod{i} said...

Oh My! Wow, I am humbled...THank you very much! I like this award...and you well deserve it!

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - I have been a hormonal mess myself and you just made my day!! Thank you so much for your random act of kindness - how sweet. Thanks SO MUCH.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine, you are so SPECIAL!!! A joy to be around really! Thanks for sharing and god bless!

Lots of love xxx

Kimberly McKay said...

You are such a doll. Thank you! How did you get all our pics to post? Cool! I will repost this soon...and am honored you thought of me! Thank you so much! I'm so glad I found your blog!

lilifxt said...

hi andrea im jelous now u didnt remeber me...crying now.....congrats dear u r nice im happy that your bad mood was gone after u found this award by the way i gave u one b4 noticing that u already got it ...but u r nice to me and your blog is nice so i want to give u that dear building good friendships is like a treasure to me ...goodluck and wish all your days to be happy

AC Associates said...

Hola Marzie,
You have no idea how wonderful it was to come home and find this waiting for me!

Well, misty eyes...we're even now! haha
Of course we'll keep in touch.
PS: I'll always defend you! :0)

AC Associates said...

No thanks necessary and I'm glad you like it. Your warm comments mean alot to me.

AC Associates said...

Hi Jeanine!
Ahhh, hormones...aren't they just wonderful!? I guess we can't escape it, only learn how to live and deal with it...
You are a special person and I enjoy your blog.

AC Associates said...

Hey my sista Sunshine...

You've been sweet since day one and we clicked from the start.

We have to catch up! I never have a problem sharing when it's with great people.

Chat soon

AC Associates said...

wornout women,
What is your first name?! haha

Oh, right clicking on a picture gives you the properties...then copy and paste. I know html code. I wanted to show who received the reward, as well as share your blog. Hope you didn't mind.

You are the special one and I'm also happy I found you.

AC Associates said...

My Dear Lili,

I would NEVER forget you. To be honest, I noticed you already received this award and I wanted to share it with some others who haven't received it. These people have touched me and I wanted them to know I appreciate how nice they have been to me and how special they are.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Especially inspiring for today with the week I've had, thank you for such wonderful words and beautiful outlook on life :)

Mariuca said...

Thank you Andrea! It feels great knowing I have ur support! :):):)

AC Associates said...

I hope things are now looking up. Thank YOU!

AC Associates said...

You'll always have my support and I thank you for being there for me, even when you didn't realize you were.

It times like those that help us get thru...

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