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Monday, August 13, 2007

Do Women Like To Fight?

I've come across an interesting question and answer page in Men's Health magazine. The questions are answered by a women. I've been reading this magazine a lot lately. The men in the office are always leaving them around.

One question caught my eye...."Why do women always want to fight?" hmmmm...

Well, if I am to be totally honest, I know what that question is all about. Have you ever wanted to talk with your significant other and felt you were being tuned out? or needed to be reassured about something, only to find you're not being paid attention or listened to? The woman wanting to feel closer by communicating, but the man is not allowing your words to sink in?

I have experienced that and the truth be told, I guess I wanted to start some kind of exchange because I wasn't getting 'any' reaction at all...maybe not a healthy way, but just didn't know how to go about it.

I remember one friend of mine actually wanting to have a 'talk', but started an argument with her boyfriend which in turn, ended their relationship. In reality that isn't what she wanted at all...she was feeling insecure and wanted to bond by communicating, but her boyfriend wasn't listening or talking back. Due to that, she felt he wasn't passionate about the relationship.Her idea might have been to start this argument to get some kind of emotion, some reassurance from her boyfriend, maybe to feel he was invested in the relationship.

Do women crave emotional exchanges? We do know most men avoid any kind of confrontation, so if he engages, does it mean he cares?

I'm thinking if men gave us 100% of their attention when we ask to talk, maybe they'll be less arguments.

Do you agree or disagree?

source: men's health

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