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Friday, August 10, 2007

More Blogging Awards ~ Thank you

Here I am again writing a post to thank a special blogging friend for not one, but TWO awards she has given me.

This is what Feel Happy said about me:

"One of the new blogs I met this month actually I loved it from the very first sight coz I felt the posts and what was written full of passion , honesty and I liked her style.
Acknowledging her blogs and appreciating her sharing of vital and valuable information in her postings, I hereby present her…"

This has warmed my heart and I am speechless. Never in a million years would I expect to receive this kind of acknowledgement. It has given me inspiration and motivation to continue to find my way in the blogging world. I keep learning from others and I am enjoying this adventure I am on. Sharing experiences, learning from others, reading other great blogs and meeting wonderful people is something I look forward to each day.
There really are good people in this world and when you find them, it's like winning the lottery!

Thank you again for thinking of me. Now I want to pass on a few awards myself. Each one of the people below have left an impression on me. They all are unique and have blogs that provide information, provoke thought and share heartfelt feelings.

Interesting Observations


Miss quotes

Attitude: The Ultimate Power

Bowrag's blog

You can find the complete details and meanings of the awards here


DubLiMan said...

You honor me with the link to my site. I hope I can live up to the standards that "A Circle of Women" has set.
I am very proud to announce that I have linked your site to mine. I know my readers will treasure what they find here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very very much for the award.

Anonymous said...

hey thank you for thinking of me to be worthy of this award :) stop by and say a hi when you get a chance...

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, thank you so much for the award! I'm very honored and your thoughtful act warms and uplifts me! It's very much appreciated and it'll encourage me on my journey in bringing more inspiration to others. Wishing you more love, abundance and joy!

AC Associates said...

Hi all,
You are all so very welcome, but each one of you have already given me something.
Friendship, support, inspiration and wonderful posts to read when I visit your blogs.
I think we all take just a little piece of eachother with us.

Many Blessings to you~

Mariuca said...

Hi Andrea, congrats on the well-deserved awards! :)

lilifxt said...

hi andrea i was looking for your name finally found ir ...nice name ...the blogging world is very nice coz u share and shared by others u feel like communicating to the whole world and making nice relationships friends by know whats in their minds and hearts i think blogging is a way of dealing with people according what they really are not who they are or
what they have

congratulations to the other bloggers
wishing u all the happiness in life and blogging
p.s i also got more motivated when i was awarded and started to have few readers that read my blog i was almost going to give up blogging but i realized even i reader for me is enough ...keep on blogging i will read what u feel my friend ...goodluck

AC Associates said...

Hi Mariuca,
How sweet of you to stop by and leave kind words.
Well I don't know how deserving I am, but I sure appreciate the gesture ! Still finding my way in blog world,but I'm liking the adventure...
Hope all is well in your world.

AC Associates said...

Dear Lili,
Thank you again. You are a beautiful soul...Don't EVER give up! Be happy and keep positive.
Even though I'm just starting out in blogging, I am really enjoying the experience. Blog for you and your readers will come.
If I can help in any way, please reach out...

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