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Monday, August 6, 2007

SELF-ESTEEM: Don't Let Anyone Take It Away

I am honored to have an acquaintance of mine be a guest here at A Circle of Women.

I will be bringing you a 3 post series focusing on Self -Esteem. I believe more women (and men) need to boost their self-esteem and have the confidence to be successful in their lives. To feel great within their own skin...love yourself and not allow ANYONE to take away your self-esteem.

About the author: Lou De Lorca.
He lives in Temecula, California and is a Personal Life Success Coach. Over the last twenty years, he has studied humanities, education, personal improvement, leadership and instruction. He has worked with university research professors and top noted experts in the field of Meta-Cognition, Motivational Psychology, Business Leadership, and Personal Instruction, all of which are the basis for today's successful speakers, trainers and coaches.
He is the author of the Competent Writer and the creator and producer of the "Winning Life" audio series. He is also a professional inspirational speaker, motivational and leadership coach, a school reform expert and a consultant for the California Department of Education.


Self - esteem is the main component of all that comprises the self - the YOU ! It's the essence of who you are. Self - esteem is the glue that holds everything together-that's why when you lose it you just seem to fall apart. And it's a downward spiral from there.

The study of self- esteem has volumes written about it but much of it is presented in a clinical format that makes it hard for the average person to understand- much less apply it. SIMPLY put self-esteem is basically how one feels about him/her self. Over the years one has encountered words and experiences that etched into our mind and our mind tells us how we feel about or we perceive ourselves; how we are, which eventually leads us to believe what we are capable of doing.

This is why self-esteem is so important . It permeates all aspects of our lives when it's depleted or gone - then our direction , perspectives and images are distorted , or dissolved. When this occurs one becomes or falls into something of the unknown. When someones self-esteem has been negatively affected or depleted a downward spiral occurs and the person becomes a victim and continues to fall until they are no longer the same person that we once knew. These victims fall prey to drug abuse , lethargy, abusive relations , and ultimately WORTHLESSNESS !

I use the term " victim " specifically because that is what people without self-esteem truly become . Anyone with low self-esteem or no self-esteem are candidates to nowhere and fast ! They are no longer the same people , and their sense of worthlessness becomes a self- fulfilling prophesy. It continues to feed itself from there.

Part II will be posted on Wednesday

More on Lou De Lorca


DubLiMan said...

You are trying to relate the same messages that I am.

I found your site through a shared link that I have with “revellian.com”. Would you be interested in a link swap? Please visit my site at: http://mondaymorningpower.blogspot.com. My site is “Dedicated to the Pursuit, Capture, Care & Feeding of a Positive Mental Attitude.” I have zero adds on my site. I feel that what I have to say has universal significance. If you like what you see and agree, then link my site to yours, leave me a comment on my blog that you have done so and I will immediately do the same. I only make this offer to sites that I know my readers would benefit from.

Bobby Revell said...

Though this is for women it is equally true for all of us. Self esteem has so many facets effecting us in many ways. I have a problem in this area pop up as i go through life. Things happen and suddenly an esteem issue occurs. We have to recognize it and grow through it. Great post, I'll look forward to the rest:)

AC Associates said...

Monday Morning Power,
Thank you SO much for visiting. After viewing your site, I believe we have alot in common and enjoyed reading thru your blog. I am honored to exchange links.

AC Associates said...

Hi Bobby,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, this post is actually for everyone to learn from. I think we all are affected by self esteem issues at one time or another, but we need to know we can overcome them...
Thank you for your visit.

I am so thrilled that my new friend has offered to share his knowledge with my readers.

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