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Thursday, December 27, 2007

While You Read, You Learn

One of my many favorites listed at Technorati is the AdesBlog. He provides great tips and resources about several topics and I have learned a thing or two from reading his posts. One post, EntreCard Performance brought my attention to the EntreCard site. Maybe I'm last in learning about this site, but after checking it out, I joined on 12/23.

I have to say, since joining, I have come across some great blogs that I otherwise might not have known about. This site offers you your business card to network with other bloggers, while bringing traffic to your blog. Mind you, this is all free. Go to EntreCard to learn more and how it all works. Additionally, I am noticing a change in my stats for Alexa, Real Rank, MBL and BC all for the better due to the new traffic which is definitely there.

Since 12/23, here are my stats for my blogs. As you can see, additional traffic is noted. Hopefully, I have gained some readers while bloggers are dropping their card at my blog.

A Circle of Women:
203 credits in your account
53 credits to advertise on your blog
150 cards you dropped
133 cards dropped on you
21 clicks via ads you placed
42 clicks from your blog to others
9 ads you bought
9 ads bought from you
150 clicks from entrecard.com to you

AC Associates Blog
34 credits in your account
46 credits to advertise on your blog
152 cards you dropped 117 cards dropped on you
82 clicks via ads you placed
37 clicks from your blog to others
10 ads you bought 8 ads bought from you
123 clicks from entrecard.com to you

A Contest You Should Consider:

While dropping my card on other blogs, I came across Big Pappa at The Big Bald Blog. I was immediately drawn to his blog. I like his style, humor, the information he provides...he's got soul.
Anyone who can admit in a post not knowing how to pronounce 'meme', is okay in my book. I was laughing out loud for I thought I was the only one that didn't know. Ok, there...I admitted it too. And, thanks to Big Pappa, I now know how to pronounce meme.

Big Pappa is running a contest and offering some cool prizes:
An 8 Gig iPod Touch
500 Entrecard Credits
A total blog review from Mike over at Bloggin-Ads
Some cool Big Pappa Worldwide gear

Check out his site for the rules. If you decide not to enter the contest, check out his blog anyway. You'll enjoy your visit.

After having said all that I did, last but not least,I want to thank all who have paid with their credits to spotlight their blog on my sites. I also want to express my appreciation for those bloggers who have allowed my advertisement on their blogs. I think I found a new fun addiction...


Big Pappa said...

LOL,you are in! Good luck!

Big Pappa said...

Just to verify, I need to know your email address that you signed up on the rss with.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Entrecard I was able to visit your website.

If you want to have more Entrecard credits, I'm giving away 2000 Entrecards in my contest. Feel free to visit my website for the details.

Keep up the good work in your blog.



Anonymous said...

I use it on my newer blog, but haven't spent much time there due to the holiday and work. I'll have to go look through it more carefully. When I went there early on it was mostly blogs about blogging and money making, none of which interest me.

Heading over again.

AC Associates said...

Hi Big Pappa,
Thanks! I sent you the email I subscribed with...don't want to miss a thing. And, I am thrilled you accepted my advertisement for your blog. Enjoy your weekend.

I thank Entrecard daily. I have been introduced to many fine blogs...the new traffic and readers wouldn't be here if it weren't for Entrecard. I will be visiting you also.
Have a Great New Year!

Hey Cooper,
I found you on Entrecard and dropped a card...Loved reading your posts.
I think you will find there are many blogs to visit and advertise on that will now interest you.Let me know how it's working for you.

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