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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Talking To Yourself CAN Be A Good Thing

How often do you find yourself talking to yourself? No, not talking out loud, but the inner voice that speaks to you? Most times I bet you’re hearing negative things…I look terrible today, Why did I wear this outfit? I look awful in this color, I made a mistake at work~I messed up, I can’t do this or that…

Every time you hear yourself talking in a negative tone, turn the negative into a positive. Break the habit of hearing only negative... break the cycle within yourself. Hear yourself saying how wonderful you look, how you’ve learned something new, how you were successful at work, how you CAN do this or that, how you are a good person. Replace the negative self-talk in your head with words of encouragement, happiness and support. Be your own cheerleader!

Learning and practicing positive self-talk, can improve your life, mental outlook and attitude. Repetitive positive phases that you hear will make a difference in your outlook, it will encourage you and it will make you believe in yourself.

Believing in the negative, will keep you in a negative state and you will share that tone with others around you. Start small if this is something new for you. If you can do this for a few days, you’ll find it will be easy to keep doing it.

Every time you hear a negative….STOP….and replace it with something positive. I bet if you pay close attention during the day to just how many times you hear yourself talking in negative phrases, you will be surprised.

Try it…for one day listen carefully and hear yourself talking. What are you hearing?


WaterLearner said...

I tend to talk to myself negatively at times. This is something I wish to throw away before the new year comes!

Thanks for all the good posts in 2007. As 2008 arrives, I hope it would be a better year for you.


Sam Chan said...

Hi Andrea,

Very very true! Inner communication is very important. What we speak to ourselves make a lot of difference and we mustn't take it lightly.

I hereby wishing you all the BEST for 2008 and ALWAYS!

May you be blessed with Good Health, Happiness, Love, Peace and Prosperity.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 to you.
Sam Chan

Anonymous said...

I've always heard talking to yourself is harmless. It's when you start answering yourself back that you should be alarmed. LOL

AC Associates said...

Thank you. I am looking forward to the New Year.
I too 'forget' and occasionally let in the negative, but I quickly replace it. It really does help and state of mind is something that is very important.
Good luck with working on your positive inner voice in the New Year!

Thanks for visiting. Sometimes breaking the negative that we hear is hard and may take work, but it is something we shouldn't dismiss. As you said, it's very important.
Happy New Year to you!
Peace & Light

A pleasure to have you here. Thanks for stopping by. Yup, answering ourself can be taken as 'alarming'...haha, but if it's a positive answer...who cares! ;o)
Have a Great New Year

Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

What a great post! Yeah; I talk to myself (it helps me organize my thoughts when I can't write them down).
I have made a conscious effort to correct myself if something negative slips out and try to compliment myself daily (I respond well to encouragement, even my own...). At least I know how to make myself smile; right?!

AC Associates said...

Footsteps...nice of you to visit.
You have a great attitude! More people should learn this...
Everyone responds well to encouragement and where else to begin then within ourselves...
Happy New Year

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