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Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's All About Gratitude

I am against the war and probably shouldn't share my views here. I do think we should have ended 'the problem' immediately after 9/11, but...

I am proud and thankful of our service men and women who defend US....United States Citizens. Blessings to them, their family and loved ones.

Watch this video, it will touch you.

I just learned my friends 23 yr old son is going over to Iraq in February. I can only imagine the thoughts and fears as a mom she is experiencing, including her sons' fears and all that love them.

Please remember to pray for all involved. It means more than you know.

Thank you to my cousin Nancy, who brought this video to my attention.


Mandy said...

I too am against the war but, support the troops. Recently my sons class adopted a soldier and sent a care package. We wound up with enough things to send, that he could share with his fellow soldiers. They really need things like toilet paper, tooth paste, dental floss and things to read.

AC Associates said...

Hello Texas Medical Freak...what a great idea. If all the schools did this, think of the supplies we can send to our troops! And, it is teaching a lesson to our young.
Maybe it's something to get started...

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