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Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcoming The New Year

As the old year changes into the New Year, I want to wish you all a year filled with good health, prosperity, love that surrounds you, happiness, peace and light.

As 2007 began, I had decided to make this year one of positive change, put ideas into motion, accomplish goals, continue with self improvement and grow as a person.

The year had it's ups and downs. Days filled with good/bad and happy/sad times, successful experiences, mistakes made and many lessons learned. Those who are regular readers here, know that God called home loved ones which saddened me greatly, but working through the grieving process.

I have welcomed some wonderful people into my life and that has been an enriching experience. I have a special someone in my life who has brought more to me than he realizes. I have experienced pleasure in teaching others how to be successful and believe in themselves. This was one goal accomplished that I am proud of, along with having articles published.

Overall, I have to say, 2007 was a good year as far as my personal endevours and am thankful with what I have accomplished so far. My circle of friends, acquaintances and associates slightly changed. This was a necessary change for me to be successful within myself, business and in life in general. Sometimes change is a positive.

I had begun blogging in March (AC Associates Blog) which has brought so many positives into my life. Another blog emerged in May (A Circle of Women) which only brought more pleasurable experiences. Through support, friendship and others sharing their knowledge, I have gained inspiration, confidence, and motivation.

So many bloggers have touched my life and am grateful for their impact on my life.

I look forward to 2008 with optimism and just as I started 2007, I will continue on my quest to grow, learn, accomplish and improve.

We all have the ability to be successful. Create the life you wish for beginning with this New Year. You may want to review the Your Heart's Desire 9 part series I posted at AC Associates that began in August.

Here's to 2008 ~

And, Natalie (Hippie)...you aren't here to 'clink' glasses and toast with me as we did last year, but I will raise my glass and toast to friendship...later 'gator


Cooper said...

Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to U, my friend...

AC Associates said...

Hi Cooper,
Hoping The New Year is Your best one yet!

Thanks for visting and the wishes. Something strange happened this morning...I was on your blog earlier and commented about the party you attended...sounded like fun and a great way to welcome the new year...and then I come to my own blog to see you were here already...
Brought a smile...Have a Happy New Year!

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