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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

11 Year Olds on Birth Control??

On Christmas morning while I had some time to relax, I turned on the Montel Williams show. His guest was Judge Judy. I heard something that just got me upset. It concerns middle school aged children, grades 6 thru 8.

Judge Judy was saying that when parents sign those permission medical forms...you know giving the school permission to provide medical care to your child if the parents are not readily available, the school can give medical treatment to your child.

Here is the horrifying part: did you know that the permission form you sign, gives the school permission to give your daughter birth control pills or son contraceptives? Oh My God, imagine...11 year olds on birth control. Do 11 yr olds even know what to do at that age?! What judgement do 11 year olds have?

It seems in Maine a decision was passed, voted 7-2 to make this happen. What is worse is that this birth control (medication) is given WITHOUT the parents' knowledge.

As a mother, I would not want my 11 yr old son having sex, nor would I want the school to step in and give my son condoms without my knowledge. I have trouble putting sex in the same sentence with 11 year olds.
I remember as a single parent, having the 'talk' with my son at an early age, but I did not have to worry about him actually having or even thinking about having sex.

This brings up several concerns. Are parents educating their children to the best of their ability? If the children in Maine or in other states are becoming pregnant at the age of 11, something is seriously wrong.

If birth control is given to these children, are they aware this is not consent to go out and have sex, nor protect them from disease? Is this actually encouraging them to have sex?

And, think about the young, growing bodies of an 11 yr old little girl. Giving hormones to these girls? What does this do to the chemistry in their body?

I know times are changing. Young children are growing up way too fast. We allow them to wear certain clothing that really is suitable for older kids, we allow them to watch certain shows and movies that are really not for young children.

Is it the parents, society, peer pressure, celebrities who encourage? Who isn't teaching morals and values?

Why can't kids just be kids?

Video provided about Associated Press:
Students in Maine will be able to get birth control pills and patches at their student center

In Washington, another view on the subject.


Big Pappa said...

It's refreshing to see someone taking a stand on this. I too feel that 11 year olds on BC is ridiculous. I just ran across a story about a 12 year old giving birth at a local clinic. She got pregnant when she was 11. Unbelievable. Another symptom of our societal moral decay. Where is our accountability?

Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer that if US Americans didn't think that sex was so dirty and brought children up to respect themselves all of these issues would fade away.

BURAOT said...

yup. horrifying and totally unbelievable. but the thing is, we better believe it. it only shows how bad our world had become.

gone is the world when it is okay for a kid to go out and play. even sesame street is now not safe enough for them. we had become a menace to ourselves.

and to think i have a 12 year old daughter. however i try, i can't imagine her having sex without getting horrified like you do.

N/A said...

Cool blog!Happy Holidays!

AC Associates said...

Hey Big Pappa,
This ruling is one I can't accept as being the right thing to do. I understand the many views about it, but parents are failing their children somehow.
I also read there have been 17pregnancies in Maine. The kids ages? 11 ! Unbelievable. Now there's a ruling stating these kids can have abortions without the knowledge or consent of their parents. What is next? I'm afraid to ask...

Thanks for visiting. I'm not sure if all parents view sex as 'dirty', but I do agree that children need to be taught morals, respect and values, which obviously is lacking in today's society.

Hi Buraot,
It's just amazing and how very sad. These are the kids of our future.
It seems we all are forgetting what is important and the lack of responsiblity parents are showing is evident.
My son is now 30, but when he was young I didn't have to worry about such things.
We are our own worst enemy...

Alive with passion,
Thanks for visiting and your kind words. A happy New Year to you!

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