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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What is Self-Help or Self-Improvement?

This refers to self guided improvement: economically, intellectually or emotionally. People seek self improvement on a variety of areas. Success, love & relationships, health & fitness, money & careers, mental health, spirituality and lifestyle.

Some people think the idea of self improvement means they are unhappy with their life or not satisfied with themselves. That is not necessarily true. We can be happy with ourselves and our life, but want to improve in an area within our lives. We should never give up on improving our self and reaching our full potential.

Have you reached your potential?

We often can be very hard on our self. I know at times, I am my own worst critic and judge myself harshly.
When I dwell on what I think are my faults, I sometimes feel I need self improvement. But, When I focus on my good qualities and expand on those, my faults seem to diminish.

I love to read, so reading information and tips on all areas of self improvement and what I want to develop is a favorite thing to do of mine. To be a better person, to expand and achieve personal growth. What's wrong with that? A few of my friends will notice the books I have and I hear a low "huh" or chuckle. Just because I am reading up on a particular subject doesn't mean I am not satisfied or think of myself as a failure. It just means I believe I can improve. There are always lessons to learn in life.

Has anyone made a little fun of you because you want to do a little self improving?

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