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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What is a 'Cougar'?

Have I been living under a rock? I have been hearing the term 'cougar' a lot lately and at first, had no idea what it even meant. Except of course if one was referring to the animal. haha

I hear this term being used on TV, in blog posts and it's all over the Internet.

The term "cougar" is relatively new I think and is sparking a lot of debate recently as to the exact meaning. It is generally applied to an older woman who dresses seductively in hopes of attracting the attention of a younger man.

I don't think this term is flattering to women, but if the term was being used to describe women as being vital, strong, independent, intelligent, successful... then that's another story.

Anyway, I think if a woman is dressing seductively, it's not only for the attention of younger men. I think it's to attract the attention of the opposite sex regardless of their age. And, maybe it makes her feel good to know she looks good.

Um, Cougar...pouncing on younger men? Does that mean my 84 year old Aunt, married my Uncle over 50 years ago, who is 7 years younger considered a cougar? My Grandmother who after being widowed at age 43, married a man younger than she, a cougar? I just have to chuckle at the thought.

I seem to attract younger men. It certainly is not because I dress seductively. I think it's because I just look younger than I am. Me? a cougar? in those terms associated with the older women / younger man? HA...now I am vital, strong, independent, intelligent, successful...

You can't predict who you fall in love with. If the quality of the relationship is great, you get along well, have friendship, respect, committment and so on, does it really matter the ages of the couple? I know there's a double standard of the older man/younger woman...those men get the thumbs up, but really...Aren't we passed the time of judging couples, passed the negative remarks when seeing older women with a younger men and vice versa?

What are your thoughts about this? I'm just curious...


Anonymous said...

The word "Cougar" makes me smile. I see it as a positive term.

Rebecca said...

HA! Since turning 34 and now 35, I'm getting all of the 24/25 yr olds asking me out!! What's up with that??!!

I think it's funny...and usually thank them, but turn them away.

Although, it has worked for Demi and Ashton.... hmmmm.... should I give them another shot?? ;) LOL

AC Associates said...

Lumineers Staff,
Thanks for visiting. I am still not sure if I consider it positive or not...
Like Rebecca who commented...I think it's funny.

Hi Rebecca,
Um, I'll admit to dating younger and even went as far as 10 years (I didn't know his age at first), but it didn't work out for me. Other issues always came up....one big one was having more children. Not for me.
I currently am with someone who is 5 1/2 yrs younger (I'm 50) and it's working out great, but we're on the same page about everything.
Soooo, have you given 'them' another try?! LOL
BTW: My son has an opinion about all of this and he told me as long as they were older then him (he's 31), he didn't care who I dated...haha

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