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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Improve Your Self Image With Affirmations

I believe in Affirmations.You can turn negative self-talk into something more positive when repeating positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis. Ok, so you might not see an instant change within yourself, but if you stay committed, you will.

You have the power to achieve what you want in life. Using affirmations is one of life's powerful strategies.

Here are some Affirmations I wanted to share with you. These were posted by Positive Affirmations. Visit her site for you will read other enlightening posts to help improve the quality of your life and promote positive self image.

I owe no explanations for my behavior, that is legally, morally, and ethically right.

I am different and I embrace it.

I dare to be different.

I accept my differences with pleasure.

I am trustworthy.

I can be trusted.

I am fit, healthy and attractive.

I am confident and unaffected by negative attitudes around me

My possibilities are endless.

I radiate love and happiness.

I am happiest when I accept people for who they are.

I am happiest when I forgive others.

My happiness is found in life’s little surprises.

I find happiness in forgiveness.

I choose to live happy.

I find happiness in never quitting.

I find happiness in the little things in life.

I find happiness in being myself.

I am happiest when I am in a positive place.

I find happiness with positive affirmations.

I find eternal happiness with my family.

I am happy when I spend quality time with good friends.

Do you have a favorite affirmation that has helped within your life?

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