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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dress To Impress

Women always want to look their best when it comes to dressing for work, going to that important meeting or when going on interviews. Men are no different. The men I work with at the engineering firm usually dress in suits. They have meetings with mayors, builders, assemblymen etc...and by the way, what man doesn't look great in a suit?

In conversation with one of my co-workers, he mentioned that he gets his suitsMade to Measureat an unbelievable price at a New York store that delivers fine craftsmanship and quality. He goes to their website, where he makes an appointment to be measured at their store. He picks his own fabric and style and within 2 weeks, he receives his custom made suit.

He has his exact body measurements taken, picks the style of his jacket and pant, then has many choices for fabric depending on the occasion he will wear his suit and the season. You can personalize your suit further, right down to the lining fabric and buttons.

I know the costs for suits off the rack can be expensive and you have to settle on fit in most cases. Why settle when a custom suit is just as affordable? The quality and expert help received from MySuit simply cannot compare to off the rack or going to department stores.

I honestly think my co-worker enjoys the attention he receives through out his buying experience. He feels special and knows he looks great in his suit, which gives him confidence.

If you'd like to feel like a million bucks too, why not make an appointment?

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