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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why Do Men Clip Their Nails at Work?

I had written about a pet peeve of mine a long time ago, but another popped up and I just have to ask WHY?...why do men clip their nails while at work? WHY?

This action is the most annoying while you're trying to concentrate on a project or talk to someone on the phone. All you hear is...clip...clip...clip and just when you think the person is done, it starts again clip...clip...clip. silence for a few more minutes and yet again...clip...clip...clip It seems the sound just gets louder and then echos throughout the office.

The sound of a metal nail clipper... that clicking sound is enough to drive you insane. Like nails on a blackboard. And where are they putting the clippings? Hopefully in the trash can, but who knows.

Am I alone in thinking that grooming should be done at home?


McCafferty Himself said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is annoying. I think cleaning under their nails is even more annoying especially when they flick it all over. Yuk!!

Love and Blessings,

AC Associates said...

Hello Mccafferty,
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PS: Thank you for visiting.

Hi Angelbaby
Nice to see you again. It really IS annoying. Maybe a few men will see this post and realize how others view their habit. You've brought up another grooming habit that's just as bad.

That Squirrel said...

It is annoying and not to mention, gross. Yes men ought to do their grooming at home. They probably want to look as good as we women do while filing or applying makeup at work. Since they can't do those, they probably thought clippers are the next best thing.

AC Associates said...

Hello anju,
Thanks for stopping by. The whole nail clipping at work boggles my mind. Besides being annoying it is something that should be done at home. I agree with you.

Bobby Revell said...

Haha! I never clip my nails, I chew them off like a real man! I think all grooming should be done at home or in the bathroom:)

AC Associates said...

HI Bobby!!!!
So nice to see you and thanks for stopping by. I always knew you were a REAL Man! ;0) chewing your nails off.
I think most of us are in agreement...this type of grooming should be done at home.

Big Pappa said...

Ha ha ha.... OK Fine I will quit. I thought I was careful not to do it on the phone.

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