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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Experience The Beautiful Breathe

Do you believe in things happening for a reason? I sure do. Just as I am beginning to undergo some life changes, I have come across Axel G who believes that if feel your life is unsatisfying or depressing there is a way you can change it.

Axel G began his own personal development journey back in 1993 while living in Thailand. While practicing meditation, his experience lead him to find happiness and well being. He has been ordained as a junior-Buddhist monk twice and has practiced mediation in Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, UK and Sweden.

He has been helping others by way of sending spiritual energy through deep mediation and teaching how you can achieve happiness and well being. He now wants to go a step further. He is offering FREE guided meditation downloads for both the beginner or the more experienced.

Some of his free downloads include topics on:

Success, Happiness, Stress, Relaxation, Depression, Suicide, Spirituality Meditation,and Healing
More downloads are added on a regular basis.

True happiness and well being begin from within. Positive thoughts, affirmations and relaxation exercise are ways to achieve this. Meditation provides deep relaxation, body connection, awareness and increases the flow of energy in your body. Breathing is also key to well being. Learning and being aware of proper breathing will increase energy and mental clarity.

Axel G provides you with 'The Beautiful Breathe' experience. You have a choice of downloading this exercise or reading it as text. He teaches you proper breathing and guides you through this breathing meditation exercise step by step so you can truly become aware...aware of each breath, relaxing as you breathe, calming your mind and making a connection with your body.

The mind, body and soul are connected and when they work together can create amazing positive results. With a healthy body, a healthy mind and the spirit to carry us, we can achieve happiness and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Visit Axel G's site at http://axelg.com/ and take advantage of his giving spirit.

If you have ever thought about trying meditation and/or want to begin your own personal development journey, you may be reading this post for a reason.


Anonymous said...

Meditation is big reliever. I am doing meditation from past 10 days and i can feel the difference.

AC Associates said...

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Thank you for sharing. It's wonderful to hear that meditation does work. Your comment may encourage others...

Unknown said...

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