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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Building Self Confidence ~ Conclusion

Lack of self-confidence can be made up of several different aspects like: guilt, anger, unrealistic ideas of perfection, false sense of humility, fear of change or making mistakes, depression and so on.

We are all capable of transforming ourselves by increasing the good qualities and eliminating the negative ones. Do not talk yourself into thinking you cannot reach the goals you have been dreaming about. You need to move forward. Anytime you accomplish a goal, however small or large, you get a good feeling. No one can take that feeling away. That good feeling is personal achievement and not only will it help build your self confidence, it will help you to continue to accomplish what you set out to do.

While you are building up your self confidence, don't fall into the below negatives:

Don't get wrapped up in your mistakes and dwell on bad points; they can contrast your good points or even give you something to improve. There's no feeling like being good at something you were really bad at.

Don't confuse what you have with who you are. People degrade their self worth when comparing possessions.

Surround yourself with nurturing friends, not overly critical individuals who make you feel inadequate or insecure. This could do great harm and damage to your self confidence.

Do not try to become confident in the interest of finding a partner. You will regret creating a false personality as the relationship goes along.

It's good to have a lot of confidence, but don't build it up so much that you get egotistical and annoying.

Lack of confidence is not necessarily a curse! So do not worry. Many ignorant, fanatic and maniac people are confident but is that desirable? No. Building self confidence should be associated with simultaneous growth from within. Thus by overcoming pettiness and superficiality you can build unshakable self confidence.

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