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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Men & Gift Giving

Has your husband, boyfriend or male friend, ever bought you a gift that was, ....let's say...not the perfect gift...?
Like the vacuum cleaner for your anniversary, or microwave oven on your birthday ? Unless you really wanted those types of gifts for special occasions, they brought about certain feelings...your hair stood up on the back of your neck while you just wanted to ripe "him" apart...how could he buy me something like that.

We know you men mean well and not to sound ungrateful, but I think women prefer something more personal, more meaningful or thought out... A gift she wouldn't necessarily have bought for herself. You know your lady best, Think about those kinds of little things she loves.

Maybe being men, they really don't know or understand why it upsets women when receiving these types of gifts on special occasions.

Is it because women like to shop more, spend time searching for the perfect gift or card for their man?

Can it be because men seem to overlook the subtle clues we drop when a special occasion is coming up.
You know what I mean...you say to him while at a friends party..wow, I really love that sweater so and so is wearing, I'd really like one for myself. He hears...nothing.
BUT, if a man mentioned that he wants this new remote he saw..we remember 2 months down the road and buy it for his birthday.

To the Women: Should we be a bit more direct in telling men what we want?

To the Men: Would you hear us ?

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