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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Women ARE from Venus

As with many other women, my life wasn't always easy. I had to keep on moving forward, keep a positive attitude, accept things I could not change and learn ways to succeed.

I believe we can do whatever we set our minds out to do. Never stop Believing! Dream, Set Goals, Learn all you can, Learn to be Self-Sufficient and picture yourself being Successful at whatever it is you want it to be.

I see many women who are dependant, who are unhappy with where they are in their life, are full of regrets and afraid to make changes, have low self esteem and won't seek out advice or help. It hurts me to see this.

I don't have the word "can't" in my vocabulary. Don't you either! I want this blog to be by women, for women. Helping eachother with posts that inspire, motivate, support. Offering tips and stories on how to cope with any subject that touches our lives. Be it a successful business, relationships, family, health and even disappointments that we learned to overcome. I don't know about you, but I find comfort and strength in reading an inspirational quote on occasion or a friend who has some helpful advice.

Please contribute to this blog: share your successes, tell me about someone who truly inspires you, offer a tip on how you dealt with a situation, tell us a funny story that happened to you or with your kids. We can help eachother deal in a women's world....

** An invitation to men: You too can be a part of this blog. Tell us about a woman that inspired you, supported you and gave you strength. I'm sure a "man from mars" can learn about a "woman from venus"

Email me @ andrea@acassociatesusa.com and I will post your story and include your link to your blog / website or stay anonymous...your choice.

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