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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Take Time To Smell The Roses

How many times have we heard...Take Time to Smell the Roses? How many times have we really taken the time to s l o w down?
My prior post concerning women who are so busy with "life" they forget about themselves in the process, also don't take time to slow down, enjoy or appreciate what they have accomplished.

So in keeping with the "me" that is so important, I offer how you can learn to take time for renewal....Take Time to Smell the Roses....

Are you beyond busy? Is your mind and body continually in overdrive? For the majority of women, the answer is yes.
Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and tasks is a common occurrence in today's world. The ability to multitask is admired and the more you can achieve by the end of the day, the better.

However, no matter how much we accomplish on a daily basis, we tend to focus on what didn't get done. Have you ever lain in bed at night thinking of everything you didn't accomplish that day, and then feel overwhelmed with demands of tomorrow? We are then stressed trying to complete our To Do list and instead of acknowledging what we have gotten done, we berate ourselves for things not accomplished.

In other circumstances, procrastination may take over. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed that we do nothing because of not knowing where to start.
The expectations women place on themselves are huge. Conversations between friends are often about the stressors and demands present in their lives. In this fast paced society, it is the norm to constantly be in a state of action.

The consequences of no down time however are serious, leading to irritability, fatigue, anxiety, depression and burn out. Our mind and body are not designed to be in constant motion. Both require rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and since we only receive one, it is our responsibility to nurture what we have.

So, how can we begin to slow down? Consider first the reasons why you may be demanding so much of yourself. What is the rush? Does everything need to be done at this moment? Can you take small steps towards achieving big goals instead of feeling the need to accomplish it all at once?

To be more productive and efficient in reaching our goals, we need to take time for renewal. How do you fit some relief into your busy life?
Start by making a habit of deep breathing several times throughout the day. It triggers an automatic relaxation response and can be done anywhere.
Take frequent small breaks. Coffee breaks were designed for a reason, so use them effectively. Do not pass on your break thinking you will accomplish more. We need this down time for maximum efficiency. Be aware however, of how you spend your break, because a healthy snack, short walk, and stretch are more energy producing than a coffee and doughnut.
Do what you love on a regular basis. If you have a favorite sport or activity, make sure you participate in it often. An hour or two a week of doing what you love can have many positive benefits, mentally and physically.

Make your holidays a priority. Vacations are a luxury no longer--they are a necessity. You need time to recharge and rejuvenate from the daily stressors. If you are having a difficult time taking vacation due to job demands, consider taking a day of down time when you can squeeze it in. Remember; nurture yourself first and everyone else will also benefit.
Finally, start listening to your body. You will begin to know when a break is needed. It may need to be a minute, an hour, a day, or a week. Whatever it is, take it. Pay attention because your body doesn't lie!

Peggy Porter is a registered nurse, presenter, writer, wellness coach and president of SEEKING BALANCE.Peggy is passionate about wellness and personal growth. Throughout the past 12 years as a registered nurse in an Addiction Center she has been educating and supporting clients to improve the quality of their lives.
Peggy was very happy to be a guest on this blog. She has offered to share her passion and inspirational messages to women and the importance of them caring for their own health. She is a true believer that you can’t give what you don’t have and so she makes self care a priority in her own life.

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