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Monday, May 21, 2007

Do You Put Yourself Last?

Like so many women, we are the nurturers, the ones who put so many others before ourselves...our children, families, husband (or man in our life), our friends.
We are capable of seeing in advance, the needs of others, perhaps even before they know what they need. We try to cram so many things in our day..does our day really ever end? Every minute to work, clean the house, run errands, tend to the kids/families, cooking etc etc....the list can go on and on. (I've become very good at multi tasking).

Don't get me wrong, tending to the needs of others and/or spending quality time with our friends, families, children and mates is a wonderful thing, But.... what about ME?

Sindy, who I've met through My Blog Log, is the Author of a wonderful blog (you're missing out if you don't drop by) And To Think...the thoughts of an Opinionated Princess.

Sindy offers this post on exactly this very subject....Do You Put Yourself Last?

"We’ve all seen her. The mom with the faded, out of style clothing, dull hair in need of a good cut, and often sporting bags under her eyes calling to attention her lack of sleep. She’s headed into Build-A-Bear with her impeccably dressed seven year old who couldn’t be any cuter if she tried. Her hair primped to perfection as if she had just left a photography session for the upcoming edition of Parents magazine. Neither mom nor child could have a greater bond with each other". Read entire post by Sindy...Click Here

If you see yourself, please, take time out for yourself...you are special and deserve some "me" time....

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