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Monday, May 14, 2007

Let Your Own Light Shine Through

I have met truly amazing people on myspace. Yes, I too have a myspace page: Click here

One of my friends is Bart, who is truly an angel. He has lifted my spirits when I was feeling low, blue or just out of sorts. His kind words, uplifting friendship and his beautiful poems have been an inspiration. One day Bart, I will get to California and take you up on that visit..*smiles

I hope you enjoy his poem as much as I do....

In Bart's own words:
I have felt the spirit of poetry since I was a child, writing myself notes and rhymes. After years of collecting little notes, journaling and composing poetry for the women in my life, I finally collected and published the most compelling and close to my heart.
I am an artist, poet and songwriter with my own music production and publishing companies. I have been producing award-winning art for celebrities, musicians and corporate clients for more than 15 years. Through my five books and daily Poems of the Day here on myspace, my poetry is read by friends and fans all over the world.

Let Your Own Light Shine Through

Life is about the precious moments,
Not just about the years adding up,
It is about everyday improvements,
Not just about that final golden cup.

More important than the breaths taken,
Are the breaths we let be taken away,
It's about the hope that is never forsaken,
Turning midnight dreams into today.

Even if it is for a moments or two,
You can grasp perfection right now,
Allow your angel to come through,
Turn ordinary day to sunrise wow.

You will see chance comes and goes,
Because that's how life is intended,
Only tomorrow ever truly knows,
So seize now your fantasy pretended.

Learn to share your wisdom everyday,
And let others feel the truth in you,
Shout what you were intended to say,
Let your own light shine through.
~ Bartoluciano

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