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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Sense of Scent is Powerful

While in Mexico, I noticed a certain Scent among the men. Both my guy and I commented on it. It was a bit sweet, but powdery. Not sickening sweet, not floral. Clean. It was almost comforting and relaxing. The men working at the resort, the men in town, the taxis....all had the same scent.

Is it the only men's cologne they have in Mexico? Apparently it is the most popular if it isn't. I kept forgetting to ask what it was they were wearing.

It got me thinking how powerful our sense of smell is. When you 'smell' something, does it bring back a happy(or not so happy) memory? Does it remind you of someone? an ex? your husband, boyfriend or family member?

I know scents do remind me of things and certain scents affect me differently. The scent of the men's cologne "joop" gets my hormones roaring...haha...can't explain why, but my boyfriend learning this, went out and purchased some.

As a young child, I was always sick with croop. I would break the blood vessels in my throat from all the coughing I did. My mother on the advice of the doctor, gave me ipecac. For those who do not know what that is, it's a liquid medicine to make you vomit. The thought was to get rid of the phlegm, so I wouldn't cough, choke and break anymore blood vessels. Anyway, to this day, if I smell anything that remotely smells like ipecac, I gag.

Back to more pleasant scents....How many of you wear different scents in Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer? I do. I'm known at work for the scents of spring/summer. I usually wear vanilla all year round, but once it gets warmer, my coconut perfume comes out. It just reminds me of the beach. My co-workers all tell me they look forward to smelling that perfume. In winter, I stick to the more muskier scents.

Well, now I can add a scent memory to the mind bank. If and when I smell something similar to that certain scent the men wore in Mexico, it will always bring back wonderful memories of our first trip together.


Laura said...

I feel exactly the same way as you about joop. I tend to wear lavender in winter and a orange/citrus scent in spring. I had a friend who used to smell like mothballs - every time I smelt them I thought of her.

AC Associates said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for stopping by. Joop does 'something' to you too? haha...I can walk into a room and know immediately that someone is wearing that scent!
Did you ever tell your friend that her perfume smelled of mothballs?

Kikit said...

It seems like you didn't only have a great vacation with your guy. You also learned something about our sense of scent. :)

I hope to come back soon. I've read a few posts and I like them. :)

AC Associates said...

Hello Kikit,
Thank you for stopping by. I was happy to hear that you enjoyed some of what you read here.
Oh I had a great time with my guy on vacation and learned many things...about him, us and other lessons that I will never forget.
Hope to see you again.

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