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Friday, April 24, 2009

Careless Driving Causes Injury and Death

I was sick last week with a virus and when I was finally feeling a bit better, I got knocked down by sad news that someone I know was killed in a motorcycle accident.

I am sad. I am angry. I am upset. I am frustrated and aggravated. I am confused. This accident was not caused by the carelessness of my friend, who happened to be driving a Harley. His accident was caused by the stupidity of someone else behind the wheel of a car. Two years ago, My girlfriend died because someone ran her and her boyfriend off the road while on their Harley. Again, someone else’s carelessness.

Do you not realize that your carelessness can cause injury and even death to another? Let that sink in…

Turn the tables. If someone caused you pain by taking away someone you love because they were being careless or stupid behind the wheel….how would you feel?

What is it exactly that happens to people when behind the wheel of their car and/or while they are driving with motorcycles on the road? I can not understand. Do they forget how to drive? Do they not see a person on a motorcycle? Do they not hear the motorcycle? Have they made unfair judgments in their head about motorcyclists and could care less for their life? What is it?

My friend who waited for the light to turn green so he can make his turn, was sideswiped by a vehicle. Did you not see him on the motorcycle? Were you in a hurry? WHY? You gave him such a severe leg injury that he bled to death. You have taken a son, a brother, a uncle, a cousin and a friend.

His family and friends will never be the same and he is not able to live the rest of his life here with us. AND…your life will not be the same either because Now you must live the rest of your life knowing you caused his death.

Seems so senseless to me and this could have been prevented if only people would respect others on the road. We all have the right to be on the road, driving what we chose.

SEE them, HEAR them, RESPECT ALL DRIVERS. Stop being in a hurry. S l o w down. Trust me, you will get to where you need to be. Don’t let your travel cause injury or death to another. Life is precious, treat it as such.

My deepest and heartfelt sympathy for his family and friends.

Jeff…..ride with the angels.

And as I dedicated this poem to my girlfriend, I now post it for Jeff

I saw you ,,,but you didn't see me

THE BIKER (author unknown)
I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line.But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.
I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall.
I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.
I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But, you didn't see me, riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window.
I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children.But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.
I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love.
I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But,you didn't see me, and my brothers donate our old ones to those that had none.
I saw you, look in fright at my tattoos. But, you didn't see me,cry as my children were born and have their name written over and in my heart.
I saw you, change lanes while rushing off to go somewhere. But,you didn't
see me, going home to be with my family.
I saw you, complain about how loud and noisy our bikes can be. But, you didn't see me, when you were changing the CD and drifted into my lane.
I saw you, yelling at your kids in the car. But, you didn't see me, pat
my child's hands, knowing he was safe behind me.
I saw you, reading the newspaper or map as you drove down the road. But, you
didn't see me, squeeze my wife's leg when she told me to take the next turn.
I saw you, race down the road in the rain. But, you didn't see me, get soaked to the skin so my son could have the car to go on his date.
I saw you, run the yellow light just to save a few minutes of time. But, you didn't see me, trying to turn right.
I saw you, cut me off because you needed to be in the lane I was in.But, you didn't see me, leave the road.
I saw you, waiting impatiently for my friends to pass.But, you didn't see me. I wasn't there.
I saw you, go home to your family.But, you
didn't see me. Because, I died that day you cut me off. I was just a biker. A person with friends and a family.
But, you didn't see me.
I hope you never loose someone that rides.
. . . . RIDE TO LIVE


susanmeade said...

I'm so sorry for your friend!!! such a fatal accident! Indeed, nowadays careless driving Toronto causes so many injuries and even deaths. In my opinion, all these careless drivers should get life in prison for their crimes.

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