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Monday, April 27, 2009

Can Social Networking Sites Affect Your Personal Relationships?

I hadn’t put too much thought into this until recently. There are so many ways on the internet to socialize with others. With the people you know, with people you don’t…you have so many options to connect with others , but can this harm your relationship with your significant other? There are networking sites, dating sites, social networking sites, reunion sites…to name a few categories.

I recently had a friend of mine join Facebook. She told me she was loving the fact she was connecting with some childhood and high school friends. She also made a comment that I found odd… She said her husband rejected her friendship request and he doesn’t want her on his page. Hmmmm…but why? That comment made me wonder if indeed these sites affects the relationship you have with your boyfriend/husband, wife/girlfriend. She did mention she asked her husband to at least see his page, which he gladly did, but he still doesn't want her to be part of his page.

What are your thoughts? If your significant other was on Facebook (or another site) and they denied your friendship, which prevents you from being included on their page, how would you feel? Would you wonder why? Would you think they were keeping something from you or hiding something? Maybe you would think they just didn’t want you to see what happens on their page and who they’re talking to?

If you were in a relationship and your significant other purposely kept you off their page, would this action affect your relationship in any way or create a trust issue?


Susan Blake said...

Wow, I can't imagine that! I have grown kids who let me be their friend on Facebook - which surprised me actually. But a spousal problem? We share everything, always have. I'd sure be suspicious if that ever changed.

AC Associates said...

I'm with you on this one. I couldn't imagine that or accept it either. Even MY son has me on his page..haha..so I was surprised like you.
I just think this would lead to other issues breaking down a relationship.
With all the good the internet brings, I feel it can be damaging as well

Anonymous said...

YES> I would be upset and I sort of know how she feels. I dont have a facebook account but my husband does and he started hovering over the computer and ALWAYS on facebook. He has way more women friends than men. I noticed instead of posting on their walls he was sending and receiving messages and then would delete them. We are now arguing about it!

AC Associates said...

Thanks for visiting. Sorry to hear this type of networking has hit your home. I think these social connections can in some ways hurt a relationship. Bringing thoughts of dishonesty, or is he/she creating online relationships or other actions that can be hurtful, such as you mentioned with the emailing.
I guess it comes down to trust. If someone isn't hiding anything, then I don't think it should be a big deal to be open about it.
Good luck and I hope things work out like you want.

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