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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why Men Won't Go To The Doctors?

Here's yet another mystery that I have yet to solve where men are concerned. My humorous post on why men don't ask for directions was written about a few months ago and I had gotten many replies as to why they behave in that manner.

Now, I want to hear your take on why men will not go to the doctor. It seems along with myself, many women complain that the men in their lives refuse to see a doctor, even when they are experiencing symptoms or feel ill.

Is it because they will feel weak, less manly if they go to the doctors? Do they not want to know if something is wrong?

I can't even get my son to get his yearly exam for two health issues. I get the 'eye roll' and the 'shoulder shrug'.

There are a few men I work with that obviously have a health issue, but will not go or go back to the doctors to receive treatment. It boggles my mind.

I understand that we all are fearful sometimes of what the doctor may say, but isn't it best to find out and take care of an illness before it is too late?

Us women take preventative care and in most cases, I believe it saves lives. I know we hate to take time out of our busy schedules to make an appointment, but...we do it. What women likes to go have their breasts painfully squashed during a mammogram or go see their Gynecologist? Um, they are not pleasant visits...

Men you are no different. You are not indestructible. Taking preventative care is important for you as well.

Men's Health magazine posted a guideline to follow. On my blog, Mind Body & Soul, I posted their recommendation. If you men aren't interested, Women...go take a look and see if you can't get the man in your life to take care of himself.

Believe it or not, we women want you around for a long, long time...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes men feel shame to go to the doctor because of the stereotyped image that man is strong and thus he should not be ill.

This is wrong because men and women are just human being so let us take things more human in this wild world!

Big Pappa said...

Ignorance is bliss.

AC Associates said...

Hello Hicham,
Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I agree with what you said. I do hope men come to grips with the fact they need to take better care of themselves.

Hey Big Pappa,
Glad you come to visit. Well now...knowing your sense of humor, I don't really think you believe that ignorance is bliss...now do you? :0) I sure hope you don't fall into the category of men I was speaking about...

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