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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Bucket List

Back in December, I wrote a post about Making New Year Resolutions. Right before New Year's Eve I guess we all in one way or another reflect on the past year and decide what we what to change in the coming new year.

The year 2008 opened my eyes to many things, especially after being very ill. Overcoming illness made it feel like I had another chance. So...instead of saying...'one day'...or 'someday', I want 2009 to be 'the year' to do many things.

After watching the movie, The Bucket List, I decided I wanted 2009 to be more about me. I don't mean in a selfish way. That's not me at all. I only mean that I want to accomplish things on my to-do list, do things I have always wanted, but haven't or buy something I want, but always put off or do the home improvement job that I never seem to get around to do. Before I leave this earth there are things that need to be done.

Some things on My Bucket List:

1. Get the two tattoos I've always wanted. Ok, so I did get one and I love it!
2. Go on an airplane. Can you believe at 50 yrs young, I have never flown?!
3. Connect with my soul mate
4. Go on a vacation by plane
5. Swim with dolphins
6. Ride horseback along a beach with the one I love. This has been a dream of mine since childhood.
7. See something magnificent that takes my breath away
8. Be the best person I can be
9. Get involved with an organization that makes a difference
10. Become a member of Habitat for Humanity and help build a house for someone who is in need
11. Install my new kitchen floor. I have wanted a new kitchen floor for over 5 yrs.
12. Get my motorcycle permit and license
13. Buy my own Harley. I don't always want to be the passenger on the back.
14. Ride for a cause

I have to say, I am off to a good start and I feel great. I did get my first tattoo and just have to make the appointment to get my second one. I have connected with my soul mate and we booked our vacation to Mexico for March. So that takes care of #1,2,3 and 4. Hopefully while in Mexico, I can fulfill #'s 5,6, and 7.
#8 is in on going process and I feel while becoming more spiritual, my faith is stronger and I am a good person.
#'s 9 and 10 will hopefully be accomplished when the weather becomes warmer.
#11 will be completed this year
#12 will happen in April when I sign up for my Safety Riding Class
#13 realistically, might take me a bit longer as will #14 because I need to feel confidant on a motorcycle before I can ride for a distance.

I am sure I may add to my bucket list as time goes on, but it feels good to know I am finally doing the things I have always dreamed about, always thought...one day.

Do you have a Bucket List of your own?

I also think this helps with goal setting. Writing it down and just saying to myself...I CAN DO IT! Wanting it bad enough to accomplish what was always in the back of my mind.


Susan Blake said...

I am right there with you on the whole concept of resolutions - its like a big make-over for the spirit. I wrote about my "new improved" way of making them on my blog - see what you think of it. I think it was the Feb 03 post or thereabouts. I look forward to your comment.

Sirona Jewelry™ said...

Great list! I hope you do everything on your list and more. You're an inspiration. :)

AC Associates said...

Hi SuZen,
You've said it best...a big make-over for the spirit. That's how I feel.I want 2009 to be the time for change and no longer put off doing what I have always wanted to do.
I stopped by your blog and loved it! Also enjoyed the post you mentioned and did leave a comment.
So nice to meet you...

Hi Sirona Jewelry,
Wow, thank you so much and I appreciate your visit.
Many blessings to you~

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