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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inspiration from The Duggar Family

My friend at work was talking with me about this show she had watched. She was so intrigued by this family that she made me want to learn more myself.

I am referring to The Duggar Family. This couple in their early forites have 18 children. 18! They have a reality show on TLC and can be viewed a few times each week. Check your local listings.

My boyfriend and I went to their website and we read every word this couple wrote. The inspiration...the strength...the love...the positive attitude...the faith...the encouragement...came soaring off the computer screen.

I don't believe for one second we happened upon this family by accident. You see...my boyfriend being a full time single Dad with two young children was feeling very overwhelmed and having doubts. Doubts about his parenting... about life...questioning his routines and disciplinary actions. Questioning how he can get his children to do their homework, chores and develop better hygiene habits without the constant struggle.

After reading the information on their website, he instantly felt better.He realized he was doing the right things, but just needed to reinforce certain house rules. Maybe his approach can be somewhat different. The support I was giving to him was confirmed by reading the Duggar's website and it made us both feel better. Somehow we even felt closer and we discussed other topics that we hadn't before. I believe my boyfriend is the best Dad and am very proud of him. I admire him so greatly for the things he does.

When through reading the Duggar's website, we knew we just had to watch their show. We watched one episode and absorbed the lessons learned.

Through their TV show, they share their rock-solid faith and their overriding belief that "children are a blessing from God." They also share the family routines and guidelines they've learned through biblical study and trial and error -- ideas that can help make your home a place of peace, love, and support.

By viewing their website and TV show, you can receive lessons on:
debt-free living,Organizing systems for a clutter-free home,
Homeschooling methods and schedules,Training tips for little ones
Relationship builders for older children,
Favorite Duggar family resources, homemade laundry soap recipe, plus other recipes that go a long way.

By no means do you need to be deeply religious to receive these life lessons or encouragement or feel the inspiration. You just need an open heart. I have never before seen a family like this one. They have such strong values, the love and the faith that make them unique and very successful. We all should be so lucky! Not too many people truly believe or live their beliefs...

Something that really struck me were their House Guidelines. I've posted them below to share because more people should live by these words.

The House Guidelines
* Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.
* Always display kind actions and joyful attitudes, even if you have been mistreated. Have the right response by quickly forgiving others in your heart even before they ask.
* Always be enthusiastic and look for opportunities to praise others' character.
* Always deflect praise and be grateful to God and others for the ways they have benefited your life.
* Always use manners and be respectful of others and their belongings.
* Always do what is right, even when others may not, or when no one is looking.
* Thank God for how He made you, for what He has given you and everything He allows you to go through. (Romans 8:28)
* Don’t mock or put others down. Develop compassion and pray for others.
* Never argue, complain, or blame. Quickly admit when you have done wrong and ask for forgiveness (even if you were only 10% at fault). Don't wait till you’re caught. * Be sure your sins will find you out. He who covers his sin will not prosper, but he that confesses and forsakes it shall find mercy.
* Have a tough accountability/prayer partner to daily share your heart with and to keep you in line (your parents, spouse). The power of sin is in secrecy.
* Be attentive and look for ways to serve others with sincere motives and no thought of self-gain. * Think pure thoughts (Philippians 4:8, Romans 13:14).
* Always give a good report of others. Don't gossip! Never tale-bear unless physical harm will come to someone. (Use Matthew 18.)
* Never raise a hand to hit.
* Never raise a foot to kick.
* Never raise an object to throw.
* Never raise a voice to yell.
* Never raise an eye to scowl.
* Use one toy/activity at a time. Share!
* Do your best to keep your surroundings neat, clean and organized.
* Never let the sun go down on your wrath. (Don’t go to bed angry or guilty)
* Amendment J.O.Y. -
Put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.

If you need a dose of inspiration, encouragement, faith, love, support etc...please do check out their website and/or watch this show. You WILL be glad you did


Susan Blake said...

I love your blog, I love your post, the "rules" and was about to say a bit fat WOW - your last rule is a problem. Women who put themselves last, risk endding up weary, on Prozac, or abandoned. I taught women's journal writing for decades and we learned to nuture ourselves - such a concept most women were amazed that they DIDN'T, hence a lot of their inner miseries. Try to find some time each week to put YOU first - just some loving advice from an old crone. suZen

AC Associates said...

Hello Suzen,
Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words.
I happen to agree with you. The House Guidelines came from The Duggar family. They were not written by me, but found them to be so inspirational. I believe their last house rule is based on their strong religious beliefs.
I believe everyone needs time for themselves...to nuture, to grow, to learn, so they CAN give to others.
Women do so much for others as it is, don't you think? We need to take time out for ourselves and recapture our energy and love ourself...

Susan Blake said...

Thanks for that tidbit of clarification - I think my brain was in the blogsphere too long to pick out that detail. Yes, I totally agree we need to nurture ourselves. I love to listen to Wayne Dyer - he always says "You cannot give out what you do not have inside yourself." I can't be patient with others if I am not patient with myself - and of course the list is endless.

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