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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making New Year Resolutions

The New Year is just about here. This is a time when we reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year. I for one am definitely looking forward to 2009. I had my speed bumps of life this past year with health issues, but going through all I did, has brought many life lessons and also positive things that I wouldn’t change for anything. I guess you need to go through things to learn, grow and change; whether negative or positive.

New Year’s Eve is a night when so many people make resolutions or promises to themselves. Are you one of many making New Year resolutions and believe they will keep them? But then do you realize that throughout the year, you didn’t really keep the resolutions at all. I used to make a few resolutions myself, but always had trouble keeping them. Now I set goals that are more reachable for myself. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment or failure, so if I have a bigger goal I’d like to succeed at, I break it down into parts.

Setting our expectations too high, can make us fall short sometimes. We get caught up in the moment, announce our resolution before realizing we’ve built up this goal in our mind. Our excitement about making a change or a chance at bettering ourselves is great for the moment, but what about in the long term? Will we still feel as excited as the day we made our resolution?

That’s where I fall short at times. I get caught up in the moment and then months pass and I am less enthused about the resolution or change I wanted to make. I now break down my goals into smaller parts and think about the change I want to make on a daily basis. This helps keep things in perspective for me. You can say, ‘the smaller picture, brings the bigger picture into focus’ and I stay interested.

I also use affirmations to help keep me on track with my resolutions. Affirmations provide me with support and a positive ‘feel good’ optimism that often feels like a pat on the back….the ‘I can do it’ feeling.

Here’s an affirmation from Hope Cramer that I found at About.com. It’s a great reminder and one to repeat to yourself.

“New Beginnings are like forks in a road or new blades of grass. So many ways our lives can go…so many choices. Each choice and each piece of our lives make up a part of who we are. I affirm that this is a beautiful new year, a new day, full of amazing ways in which I will improve my life now”

Start each new day or end each night by reading Affirmations.

About.com brings to you Affirmations by the Day or by the Month

Wishing you all good health, much abundance, happiness… with love, peace and light in your life


Rebecca said...

Great quote! There we go with the "choices" again... so true, so true!

Funny, I was going to write a "resolution" blog tomorrow. I hear you with the "setting the goals smaller", or at a more obtainable pace. Because, we do tend to have high expectations, and then little by little, the resolution fades away into our everyday lives.

I, like you, had much turmoil in the beginning of '08. So I wish you all of the success and happiness, along with great health, for 2009.

AC Associates said...

Hi Rebecca,
I think we pump ourselves in the beginning...when we have something in mind to acheive and like you said...little by little that motivation fades. The most important factor is to 'keep' that motivation and stay focused.

Wishing you all the best in 2009 also. 2008 was an interesting year to say the least.

Thanks for being here

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