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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Do You Believe in Wives Tales?

The other day at work while a few of us were discussing a project, my left palm started to itch. I blurted out...ohhh, I'm going to get some money!

While a couple people looked at me like I was crazy, one person knew what I was referring to when I explained about my palm itching. An old wives tale...

I heard so many while growing up. Our conversation then turned to the tales we've heard. We are all from different backgrounds, lived in different states as kids and it was interesting and fun to hear the different tales we've heard from our parents. We laughed alot at some of the tales we were sharing...

Here's Some:

Drop a spoon off the table and you'll have a visitor

If you Knock over the salt shaker, you have to throw some salt over your left shoulder to ward off bad luck

If your Right palm itches, you'll have a visitor

If your Left palm itches, you'll receive money

If your nose itches, you'll get into a fight

When you hear ringing in your ear, someone is talking about you

What is a Wives Tale?

An old wives tale is said to be much like an urban legend. These tales are generally passed down from generation to generation. Such 'tales' usually consist of superstition, folklore or unverified claims with exaggerated and/or untrue details.

Most old wives' tales are false and are used to discourage unwanted behavior, usually in children.

Here are some tales from Wikipedia that parents might have used on their children. Have you heard any of these?

Handling a baby bird will cause it to be rejected by its parents. False. Most birds have such a limited sense of smell, they can't detect the scent of a human

Habitual knuckle-cracking causes arthritis. False.

Eating faster will make you fat. False

Chewing gum, if swallowed, remains inside your body for seven years. False. Chewing gum is excreted like any other undigested piece of food or stray object swallowed

If you make a face and the wind changes direction, your face will stay that way. False

If you touch a toad, you'll get warts. False

If you have a stye, you must have read or watched pornographic materials. False.

If you sneeze with your eyelids open, your eyes will pop out of their sockets. False

I have to admit, as silly as some of those are, my mom used a few of them on me.

While the subject of wives tales can be superstitious to some, others believe a few they've heard. Coincidence or not, I do really get money after my palm itches!

Well, this subject made us laugh and brought back some memories of our parents and growing up as a child. I hope you experienced the same.

Why don't you share some old wives tales you've heard while growing up. Please leave a comment...


MelissaQ said...

This is so funny. I didn't think there was any one out there that believed in these. I have only heard of a couple of these, like the left hand itching (which I DO believe) and the salt over the shoulder (which Im not sure of). My hubby would laugh if I told him about these others, he isn't into them. I try and act like I'm not either, but when that hand itches, I can expect a check in the mail...hahaha

Big Pappa said...

If your knees hurt, it's going to rain.

You can go blind from...Well you know the rest.

vicki said...

When the lizard makes a sound, you're going to get money or a letter (I prefer money).

If you sleep with wet hair, the number of white hair you have will increase.

funny huh?

Colleen said...

One I always remember is a variation of one you posted:

If your nose itches you are going to kiss a fool.

Another I wonder about deals with a follow up on the hair. Pull a gray and 7 will follow???

AC Associates said...

Hello Melissa,
Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I'm not alone in believing the tale of the itchy palm. It always seems to work out that I really do get money...love that one!

Big Pappa,
Thanks SO much for visiting. I did hear about the knees hurting and rain AND...I do know the rest...hahaha I guess I forgot about those in my post. :0)

Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I never heard the ones you mentioned. I wonder if anyone else had.

Nose itching and kissing a fool...haha I guess that's better than getting into a fight with someone or is it?!

I do remember the one you mentioned about the hair, but I heard that if you pull out a gray hair, 10 will grow in it's place.
I guess that's why I have some extras...hahaha

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