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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bonding With Animals

Greek philosopher, Plato states that love goes far beyond simple attraction. It occurs throughout the universe and includes the animal kingdom. The formation of a close relationship is referred to as 'bonding'

There are many forms of bonding...parent/child, families, friendships, relationships, but here I'm going to speak of the bond between humans and animals (pets).

For many people bonding to a pet is a natural and very valued 'friendship'. The love for their pets runs deep. Some non-animal lovers do not understand the concept and think an animal can not return the love felt by their human owner or show affection in any way. I also know some people who feel that animals show no emotion.

That is so untrue. Animals show their emotions in many ways and do love their owners or care takers. I'm sure you animal lovers and pet owners agree. I have mentioned in previous posts about animals that my dog actually hugs. I think that's part of the reason it is so hard for me to break her of the habit of jumping up when certain people walk through my door. She wants to hug them...Some of you might be laughing at that, but I tell you it's true. We did an experiment just recently. A friend of mine who hasn't seen my dog in awhile, came over. My dog was jumping up and she wouldn't stop. Even while I was trying to discipline her. I told my friend she probably wants to hug you. Of course he laughed, but let her jump up. Her paws went around his neck (she's 130 lbs and about 5 feet when standing). After that, she seemed satisfied because she stopped jumping!

The below video shows the bond an animal can have with their human friends. I have a huge fondness for wild cats...lions and tigers in particular. This video is touching. Some of you might have heard about this story or watched it on the news. For those who haven't seen this, Hope you enjoy it. Notice how the animal jumps up to 'hug'


Anonymous said...


Good post. I have had dogs, cats, fish and reptiles. What you said about bonding and an affectional ritual is so true. With my past dogs (Malibu and Shadow), it was not a hug, but everyone that came over to visit us had to rub their bellies when they came in. Kind of like a greeting of friendship. The cats (Korbel and Brut) would always want to put a paw on my face when I came home.

The video brought back a memory. I was away from Brut for about a year when I then visited. When he heard my voice, he came right up to me and just sat there…waiting. I laid down on my back and he jumped on my chest, put a paw on my cheek and started purring.

They never forget. Nor should we.

Give Velvet an extra hug … for all of us.

Pet Medications said...

That's a great post and very encouraging. Pets are definitely a great part of humans.

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