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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review of Free Tele-Seminar ~ Call 1

My previous post, entitled: FREE Tele Seminar 1/14 & 1/21 was an alert to the Proactive Profits~How to strategize, plan & take action for a profitable 2009 tele-training, which was offered by Jane Deuber of Profit Partners.

I did take advantage of Part 1 and sat in on this tele-training. I felt is was an hour spent wisely. Truthfully, I had heard many of the things she spoke about, but she had a different approach to explaining things, which gave you a renewed feeling of inspiration and/or motivation. I think we all could use that reinforcement now and then.

Ms. Deuber offered something that she presented in a much different way than I was used to. She spoke about the 4 Realms of Business Success: Vision, Mindset, Strategy and Action. These four parts flow into one another. If one section is off…meaning out of balance or you being stuck and not moving forward, non of the other 3 parts will function properly. Within each of these four parts are sub-divisions

Vision: Dreams, Passions, Purpose, Inspiration, Contribution

Mindset: Beliefs, values, Inner Dialogue, Language, Emotion

Strategy: Planning, Skills & Knowledge, Scheduling, Tools, Alignment

Action: Accountability, Effort, Assessment, Correction, Daily Habits


Say you started with Vision…If you are not sincere in your dreams, passions, purpose, inspiration or contribution…how could you move on to Mindset, Strategy or Action? How can you succeed? Or move forward? If you absolutely do not believe in your dreams, passions, purpose, inspiration or contributions, you will not have the motivation or willingness to accomplish any of your goals . Isn’t that why so many people loose interest in something? They just don’t have the passion to continue…it fades into nothing and then they wonder….what happened?

Ok… take Strategy…you already feel you have the ‘vision’ and the mindset and you continue onto Strategy. You think you have that down, but then you’re feeling stuck…things in your business aren’t where you want them to be. You’re not sure what tools can help you. You did not believe in or write down your Plan. Because the Realm of Strategy is off balance, you can’t move forward to take “action”.

I think this is a great tool not only for business, but in our personal life too. Whatever it is we want to be successful in….business, goals, breaking habits, relationships and so on. To be successful, we must give 100% in each of these 4 Realms, which includes each subdivision.

I personally am going to write these 4 Realms (including sub-divisions) within a circle, cut it out and place it where I can see it at least once a day. It can be a daily reminder and also encouragement to make the best of each day and motivate to complete each part successfully. To have one, you must have the other… to move forward and be successful, you ‘need’ the other realms. All 4 must be in balance.

I am not sure if you can still register for Part 2 of this tele-seminar. You may want to check it out, by going HERE

Part 2 of this tele-seminar will include:

· What two elements you absolutely must have in place to thrive in 2009
· The four stages of business growth and why they are essential to your success
· Where to invest your time and resources for the greatest return
· Three low-cost strategies that every business owner should harness
· The top three mistakes business owners make when executing their plan

I will have access to the recordings of these two tele-seminars. If anyone is interested, please contact me at: andrea@acassociatesusa.com and I will give you the link. I do believe this is time spent wisely if you allow yourself the opportunity.

Remember, these same tactics can be used in all areas of your life., so if you’re thinking it’s of no use to you because you do not have your own business…you’re wrong.

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