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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Meaning of Dreams

So…I had this dream on Friday night and I still am wondering if this dream was some sort of premonition. I was dreaming I was in a room with a large fish tank. I don’t remember seeing fish, but remember the water.

I couldn’t tell you why or how, but in my dream, the fish tank broke and I was just standing there watching the water pour out of the tank.
I remember not feeling upset, but just watched the water hit the floor.

Saturday morning when I woke, I did remember the dream, but didn’t give it a second thought. I had a lot of chores to do in the house, so I just began my day. I started cleaning and doing the wash. About ½ hour into doing the wash, my son and I heard this loud humming. At first we couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but realized it was coming from the washing machine.

All of a sudden I saw water rushing out from the bottom of the washing machine. I just stood there and watched the water hit the floor. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. It was dejavu…watching rushing water hit the floor…just like in my dream!

I cleaned up the mess and continued on with my day. Hours later while cleaning the bathroom, I had to reach under the sink for something and again, was watching water hit the floor. The pipe had broken off and the water I was using to clean the sink was just pouring out. Cleaned that mess and I think that was about all I could take for one day :0)

I decided I was done with household chores, took a break and watched some Christmas movies on TV.

I don’t have a dream book which gives you the meaning of your dreams. I wonder if anyone knows the meaning of water when you dream about it.

All I know is that I saw the rushing water of that broken fish tank in my dream and the next day had two incidents with rushing water. Interesting, don’t you think?


Rebecca said...

Well, I suppose we could all look up dream meanings on the internet...but in this case, I looked to my mother - who has read up on this type of thing quite a bit. She immediately said that water dreams reflect emotion and fertility - reflecting the feminine side of wife or mother. Murkey waters, perhaps deep sea types where you're sloshing around, or in this case, perhaps a dirty fish tank where water is "gushing" and you are being covered with...can speak about anxiety, turmoil in our lives...emotions that you are struggling with, or are uncertain about - mothers often have these dreams. Clear water that is reflective, is more of a peaceful message.

I have had dreams that have had more of a premonition feeling. However those dreams, have actually come true at some point in the futre, right before my eyes - to the T - every detail played out just like my dream. It has only happened 3 times, but two were scary enough, that I do pay attention now, to dreams.

Yours could have been similar, but your situation with the washer, and the pipe - could have just been a strange coincidence, too. Not sure.

Good luck :)

AC Associates said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you so much for your input.
You described murky or dirty water, but I remember seeing clear water just flowing out of the fish tank. I was glad to hear that I'm not in turmoil or have anxiety :0)

I've also had dreams where they've come true. Luckily for me it has always been involving good things. It's only happened on occasion.

My dream could have been a coincidence, but the water at my feet seemed to familiar as in my dream.

My new washer is being developed today (Yay!) and my guy had fixed the pipe on Monday. As is well...

Thank your Mom too. Enjoy your weekend

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