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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Men Not Asking For Help

How many of us women know a man who refuses to ask for directions? I know it's a long running joke, but I find it to be so true. Don't you?

Your man can be driving the car and you're sitting there full well knowing that you're not heading in the right direction, but still...he continues driving as if he knows exactly where he's going. Meanwhile, you're getting quite impatient, maybe even running late to where ever it is your going, but do you dare suggest for him to stop and ask for directions?

While I was in the hospital, I came across a simular situation that made me burst outloud with laughter. At this poor man's expense I was so amused, but I needed that spot of light.

My doctor told me I had to walk the halls, so my mom came with me. Here I was looking all splendid in my hospital garb, attached to my IV pole, but we set out for a bit of exercise.

As we were walking, we came behind a man holding the hand of his 5 yr old daughter. They were obviously looking for a patients room. As we walked by each room, the man peered in. Not finding who he was looking for, he kept walking.

The hospital hall goes in a circle, so we were completing our first round. The man and the little girl still in front of us. We then hear...Daddy, where is she? I don't know, we'll find her...the Dad says.

Ok, by now my mom and I are snickering. This man passed the nurses station not only once, but twice! He just wouldn't stop and ask the nurses for help in finding who he was looking for.

As we made our third way around, I couldn't believe this man was still walking, peering in the rooms, looking for a patient. The little girl then said...we did this before Daddy, where is she?

By now, my mom and I looked at eachother and couldn't keep the laughter from escaping. My Mom then said excuse me to the man and suggested he ask at the nurses station for help. He looked at her like she had suggested something out of this world! It was just too funny.

Why is it that a man cannot ask for help or directions? It just amazes me...

Have you experienced such a situation where your man just wouldn't give in and ask for help? What did you do?


Robin Lee Sardini said...

This is pretty silly! Yes they do DO that! They just don't want to feel stupid, but how do they think they LOOK? hmmm.... :-)

Brenda said...

Ummm, it's nice just the guys! I'm all girl and I do it too! It's ego I guess ... can't admit there's something I can't figure out.

Rebecca said...

LOL! I had an old bf that did that kind of thing all the time!

Or how about when you turn the volume down in your car, when you're trying to find the street signs? We're all guilty of that! ;)

Anonymous said...


First and foremost, welcome back, and continue to get well.

I am a victom of the illness known as 'not being smart enough to ask for directions'. My bad.

Robin, it is not stupid, it is stuborn. I know that is a short walk between. But let it go for now.

Does not matter if I am behind the wheel, or holding the handle bars, or just talking with a great woman. I admit it is hard to ask for directions, or where I should go next.

I got used to riding sport bikes in NJ and never worried about where I was because I would ultimetly run into a major road I knew. So asking directions became mute.

Then I went out to the mid-west. I got so lost so many times, that I gained the habit of stopping and asking "where the heck am I, and how do I get to ......". Got some good laughs, but got me to where I wanted to be. Not a bad deal.

It is not really that hard to admit you are lost, as people seem to always be willing to help, no matter what your situation is.

Oh, Rebecca, as far as I know, the 'volume' (not the radio) only seems to increase in your voices when questioning why we are not stopping to ask for directions. lol

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

This is a stereotype, but it is probably true more than half of the time.

I am a man! I also have no problem with asking for directions. My time is valuable, and because of this, I want to make sure I get where I am going as quickly as possible. If this means asking for directions, I am all for it.

From observing people who act this way, I have a theory.

I think it has a lot to do with ego and self worth, which go hand in hand. If a guy has low self esteem, he feels like he needs to prove himself at every chance. Many people I know with big egos act the way they do because they are trying to overcompensate. Many of them have low self esteem, which I think is at the root of this problem, and sadly it is a widespread epidemic.

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