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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Sitting in the emergency room at the hospital last week was an experience.

My mom was with me and sitting there for hours, you can't help yourself but you start to 'people' watch. I'm sure we are all guilty of doing that. Sometimes it provides entertainment and sometimes there are lessons learned. And sometimes, you realize you should count your blessings.

We were sitting with people of different races and different cultures. One couple in particular upset many in that emergency room that day. I am not even sure what nationality or country this couple was from, but their culture clearly made women inferior. This woman who was pregnant was in fear of losing her baby. Her husband(I assume) made sure she sat without speaking a word. She did not move without the consent of her husband. Her clothing only revealed her eyes, but even still, you could see this woman was young.

When the nurse called for her and motioned for her to sit in the wheel chair, her husband said..."No, Make her walk". The nurse boldly stated that it was hospital policy she be taken by wheel chair. Again, the man, said "NO..she will walk". The woman with her head lowered continued to walk, holding her large belly,obviously in pain. The nurse, not giving up, stated one more time in a louder voice. "I'm sorry sir, but it is hospital policy and she will sit in this wheel chair".

By this time, everyone in the ER had their eyes on this couple. You could actually feel the tension rise. After a moment, the man eventually said..."Ok...SIT". The woman sat and was wheeled away. Everyone in that room crossed eyes with everyone else. Not a sound or word was heard,but silently I think we felt the same thing.

This couple may be in America, but their culture is still observed. This woman only knows the culture in which she was raised.

I felt sadness.

Being in a hospital is a humbling experience. No matter what problem you have, whatever stress you are under, whatever health concern you have... remember there is always someone... somewhere suffering greater than you.

Count your blessings...


JamyTan said...

It is so true.
I feel so sorry for the woman.
As an Asian lady who takes my medical studies in America, this is what they taught us in school : "the sign of abuse". Abusers make all decision, abusers make all the talking but in a different culture, it may not be so.
My dad does not allow my mom to have a bank account and when I opened one for her, my dad was so upset with me that it caused a big drama in the family ( I was miles away and did not realize at the end of the day, it was my mom suffered cos I was not there) but she did not think she suffer cos she has in that kind of situation for all her life, she does not know any other way. But me, living in Australia 1/2 of my life, I think that is abuse but my mom think I am absurb, how on earth would my dad abuse her.

It is a different culture, between my parents and me, sigh !

I love your blog.



AC Associates said...

Hi Kayatan,
Thanks so much for visiting and sharing.
Unforunately your parents were raised in a different time, different culture than what you've been accustomed to. It's hard to watch or understand sometimes.
I felt for that woman I saw too...I can't imagine being treated that way.
She is accepting because that's all she knows. I find it just sad...
I'm happy you enjoyed my blog and hope to see you again.

Anonymous said...

It's true - there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you. Not that it's someone else's suffering that makes you feel better - more, it's turning your focus to the blessing that you're in a pretty good place, comparatively.

Great post :-)

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