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Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Heart

My new friend Earl has many special qualities, but one in particular is that he isn't afraid to express his feelings. Many people, both men and women are often afraid to share their feelings.
Why is that?

I happen to find it extremely attractive in a man when they are in touch with their 'sensitive' side and can share with you what's on their mind. Expression is one way of being closer to another...a way to bond.

I just love what he wrote and hope you enjoy it as well.

Who ever wins that pedestal is going to be one lucky woman!

My Heart

In my heart there is but one pedestal...large enough for only one special person. The woman who stands on this pedestal will have all of my love, all of my attention, all of my fidelity! It's a pedestal that has stood empty for several years now. In a sense, I am proud that I didn't give my love, my heart...that pedestal, away as frivolously as I have in the past! In another sense, loneliness tempers the pride I feel in not being with someone simply for the sake of being with someone! That pedestal might forever stand unoccupied...but I'd rather it stand empty...than have the wrong person standing upon it again!

About Earl


Dave Lucas said...

In response to your comment on Revell's blog: I have featured Marzie's blog in a recent post and I followed-up with other comments firmly stating that Marzie's blog is in my blogroll and will stay there. Revell chooses not to publish those comments. I noticed today, after someone jumped on my blog from a major Net ranking service, that I could get data on my blog and other blogs by using their search features. For some reason, neither Marzie nor Revell's blogs show up: this may indicate they've already been identified as "spam" blogs by the robots that patrol cyberspace. I was truly shocked. When Revell first began blogging I viewed him as a budding talent --- a genius --- but he's gotten all caught up in the "popularity contest" aspect of blogging. Last Word: I like MArzie.

AC Associates said...

Hello Dave, Nice to meet you. I see you visited and left a message. Well, I certainly don't want to get caught up in any blog war. I left a comment after viewing what Bobby wrote. It did seem like an attack on Marzie which I don't understand. It doesn't matter to me why she's blogging or the links she has, or the popularity she's creating. That goes for anyone else out there. But, these are people with feelings. Everyone has their own reasons for doing this or that. I'm new to blogging and still trying to find my way. I don't really care who links or what posts score higher in technorati. Sure it's nice to be liked, but you will never please everyone, so I just post whatever comes to mind.I highlight some wonderful people I've come across on mybloglog due to the fact they've been nice to me, helped me etc..my way of saying thank you.If I can post something that might help someone else or inspire them...then I'll feel successful, no matter how many links I have or who thinks I am or not. As far as Marzie and Bobby having spam blogs...don't know and it's not on my priority list to find out. They both seem like wonderful people, that's all that matters to me. I read your entire post and all it seems to contain is pointing out who is popular and succesful and who's not. Doesn't interest me, but you did get reaction and a post out of it.There are many people out there who aren't recognized but are successful. BTW: If you read Bobby's post, he did mention the facts you said he ignored or forgot to mention.

lilifxt said...

hi ac ass. very nice blog i enjoyed ot alot..."Expression is one way of being closer to another...a way to bond." i admired those words alot thats very well spoken and true words if many people interact by this way definately their relation will grow stronger also your frined's words are very sensitive and fdirect from his heart ...i always respect peopl's feelings especially when it is truely from their hearts ...im also new at blogging trying to find my way as you are doind ...good luck and nice reading your blog
best wishes

AC Associates said...

Hi Lilifxt,
Thanks you so much for your visit and for taking the time to leave such a nice comment.
I don't know if you checked Earl's profile,but if you didn't...you would find more wonderful poems and expressions from his heart. I wish more people were able to communicate better.
Since we're both newbies...if I can help in any way, please reach out.
Thanks again and best wishes to you also

astriSecret said...

Hi...what you wrote here is really touching. I know some peoples has their own opinion. But really I like what you wrote there.

AC Associates said...

Hi astriSecret,
I can't take the credit for writing this poem. My friend Earl is the author of the heartfelt words. He expresses himself so wonderful. If you click on his link within the post you can read more from Earl

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